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Romance On TV: When A Millionaire Meditates, His Date Will Lose Interest

Last night’s Millionaire Matchmaker featured Peter, who designs and markets cosmetics, and sells videos of himself doing Qi Gong, along with buddies Tai and German (pronounced “Hair-Mon”) who want to do everything together, including meet their dates shirtless. (They should become friends with Matthew McConaughey.)

Peter is an Aquarius, new to Malibu, and, through his charitable contributions, “fed 20,000 families last year.” He tells Patti that he doesn’t want a model actress and is more interested in someone who’s over 30 and into nature. (Also, from our observations, she would have to be very willing to practice Qi Gong. He’s very into it.) But when it comes to actually picking a woman, Peter, of course, goes for the model/actress who is young and stupid. The date really goes downhill when he meditates before eating dinner.

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The Daily Squeeze: A Treatise On Undressing Men

  • An excerpt for a 1,000+ word article on how to undress a man: “For the woman doing the undressing, [taking off a tie] will involve giving him a smouldering [sic] look while creating sufficient slack before the knot turns into an impenetrable lump, then looping the tie over his head. If you get really desperate, just resort to nail scissors.” [Times Online]
  • Saudi religious police have ordered florists and gift shop owners to remove scarlet-colored items, including red roses, from stores in Riyadh. The Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice thinks Valentine’s Day encourages relations outside of marriage, a punishable crime. [Yahoo!]
  • Bravo’s show The Millionaire Matchmaker may include more than the nerdy and commitment-phobic guys in its next season. Patti Stanger, the matchmaker, said she hopes to have a gay millionaire and a cancer survivor on the show. (The show hasn’t been picked up for a second season just yet, but we’re crossing our fingers.) [NY Post]
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    Romance On TV: The Millionaire Matchmaker Vetoes Curly Hair

    The Millionaire Matchmaker has completely sucked me in. Last night, Patti dealt clients Lonnie (as in Lonnie Moore, co-owner of the Dolce Group, which owns clubs like Les Deux in LA) and Patrick, who is a “diamond in the rough,” according to Patti. (He wears the same clothes he wore 20 years ago.) Here’s a recap: All Lonnie wanted to do is sleep with Sabrina, a beautiful model, and party with his friends. Uh, no. Lonnie is no longer a client of Patti’s. Peter is slightly handsome but really soft-spoken. He went for an Angelina Jolie-type woman (whose lips looked way fake) and, apparently, they’re moving in together and have plans to get married.

    But, the most incredible part of the whole episode was when Patti critiqued a bunch of women who came to her office trying to get into the Millionaire’s Club. She told them that guys don’t like girls with short or curly hair because they want to be able to run their hands through it. She made one woman get extensions and told another to get her hair straightened. I have curly hair and and the feedback from guys has been great. One guy I went out with met me as straight-haired Catherine. Then a few dates later, I wore my hair curly and he went on and on about how much he loved it. But my hair is less “Brillo,” as Patti said, and more wavy.

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    Romance On TV: Dating A Millionaire Means No Sex

    There is something fascinating in seeing how the obscenely rich live. Who hasn’t drooled over the mansions in Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous or obsessed about Tony Hawk’s personal skate park on MTV Cribs? And now, with Bravo’s The Millionaire Matchmaker, you get to see how they date. Or at least how they date on reality TV. The series premiered last week and I’m kind of hooked. Unlike Matched in Manhattan, there’s less take-away advice for the average viewer, because dating a millionaire is not like dating a normal man. Not everyone can date a millionaire, but the requirements aren’t as stringent as you might think. You just can’t be a gold digger, and you can’t be ugly.

    In the series premiere, third-generation matchmaker Patti Stanger introduces one of her millionaire clients to one of her rules: No sex until they’re in a committed, exclusive relationship. What would happen if everyone followed this rule (besides less STDs going around)? [BravoTV.com]
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