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Here’s What Filming A Movie Sex Scene Looks Like On The Set (Hint: It’s Awkward)

Sex Scene
Complete With Faux Sweat

You know how celebs always say in interviews that they were super nervous to film the steamy sex scenes in their movies? And you know how there’s that tendency to roll your eyes because it sounds like they’re only saying that to seem humble? Well, those actors are probably speaking the truth, because this clip of Patrick Wilson and Brooklyn Decker filming a naughty scene in the movie “Stretch” looks nothing like the final cuts we see on the big screen. The two of them are covered in spray-on fake sweat and have to endure goofy critique from the film crew, but there’s still something pretty hot about how they can instantaneously switch into sexy mode the second the director says “Action.” [Gizmodo]

Patrick Wilson’s Wife, Dagmara Dominczyk, Has Some Thoughts About This Week’s “Girls”

Lena Dunham Is Sexy
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Namely that it’s really not so unrealistic that a guy as hot as Patrick would sleep with a woman with a muffin top like Hannah/Lena Dunham, because Patrick does her (with her size 10 muffin top body) all the time. Suck it, haters. [Twitter via The Gloss]

“Girls” Goes To Fantasy Land

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More Naked Patrick Wilson, Please!

So how about last night’s “Girls” huh? It was definitely one of the weirder episode of the season and I half-expected Hannah to wake up at the end of the episode to realize her dalliance with a sexy older man (played by Patrick Wilson) was but a dream. Kudos to Lena Dunham for casting such a hottie in the series’ possibly most naked episode. At this point, I’m pretty sure I know Dunham’s breasts better than my own.

Anyway, the episode starts with Wilson’s character Joshua coming into Grumpy’s and complaining that someone from the coffee shop is using his trash can for disposing of their garbage. Hannah eventually stops by his house and admits to being the culprit. She initially started dumping Grumpy’s trash in his can because she lost the key to the dumpster and didn’t want to tell Ray. Then she kept using Josh’s dumpster because they liked how the illicitness of it made her feel. All this talk about naughtiness must have gotten both Hannah and Joshua in a tizzy because pretty soon they were fucking in his kitchen. NSFW clip above! Keep reading »

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