Dater X: The Password

Passwords mean trust, or at least they do in 2016. More »

Is Your Go-To Internet Password One Of The 500 Worst?

Artist Kate Bingaman-Burt took the 500 worst passwords from Mark Burnett and Dave Kleiman’s book Perfect Password: Selection, Protection, Authentication and compiled them in this 16″ by 20″ screen-printed zine. Looks like we’ll have to come up with something better than “naughty” from now on. Is your go-to secret phrase on there? [kate*/Flickr via NOTCOT]… More »

Poll: Does True Love Mean Sharing Your Email Password?

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The Most Popular Computer Passwords — You Didn’t Hear Them From Us

Have you ever logged into an ex’s email because you knew the password, and, hey, why not? Yes? That’s very naughty of you. What would be even more criminal is if you didn’t know the person’s password and tried to get in. We don’t want to aid or abet criminal behavior, but broke down… More »