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Gay Celebrity Men Who Have Started Families

Congrats to Neil Patrick Harris, who announced this weekend that he and his partner are expecting twins. Sadly, NPH also announced that he is planning to take a break from the biz to be a full-time daddy once the babies arrive. We will miss him, but I’m sure those babies will be stupid cute.

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Girl Talk: My Parents Would Freak If They Knew I Was On Unemployment

“I’d rather see you strip at Stilettos than take help from the government,” my dad once told me. According to him, the most disgraceful thing I could do was be on the dole. As the daughter of successful New York State Republicans, I was nurtured on the GOP gin ‘n’ juice. But apparently, the bottle was spiked because I grew up to be a gay-loving, liberal, struggling artist.

So, a year ago, when I was fired from my job as a copywriter at an ad agency after six years, due to layoffs, I was forced to register for unemployment. I wanted to find another job, yes, but unlike my Amex Gold Card Member Mama, I didn’t mind having to pay the angry Chinese food delivery man in dimes in the meantime. But I also knew that I’d have to go to great lengths not to let my parents know what was going on. Keep reading »

Black Parents Confused When They Give Birth To White, Blond Baby

A black Nigerian couple got quite the shock when wife Angela Ihegboro gave birth to a baby … who is a white, blond-haired, blue-eyed girl. The birth left both parents speechless for several minutes, before the father, Ben, broke the silence with, “What the flip?” What the flip, indeed! Scientists have yet to come up with a solid answer, but have narrowed it down to three theories. Genetics experts believe that baby Nmachi’s differences are a result of a gene mutation, a long-term dormant gene, or a mutated version of an albino gene condition. Regardless of what science figures out, the Ihegboros already have their answer. “She’s a miracle baby,” said Angela. Spoken like a proud mama. [NY Post] Keep reading »

Dear Wendy: “My Parents Are So Overbearing”

I am a college sophomore who has returned home for the summer for the free food and lodging and a spectacular summer job. Life with my parents is pretty tough though, and we are having a hard time with boundaries. I don’t have a car, so I am dependent on my mother to take me everywhere (she will not allow me in anyone else’s car) and she is pretty selective about where she has time to go. Furthermore, I don’t get a lot of space. We do “family activities” every night (which I love, but there are just too many of them). I have an “approved friends” list of people I’m allowed to spend time with. My parents come into my room late at night after I have wished them good night to “check on me” and make sure that I am not on the computer or phone. After a recent trip to the mall, my mother asked me to show her my underwear purchases to make sure that they were appropriate even though I paid for them with my own money. I love my parents, and really want my family to function in a healthy way, but I am a big girl and I need some more space. Every time I ask for it, however, my parents threaten me with not paying for college or cutting off my phone service, or telling me that I will never achieve my goals. This really isn’t working for me, and I need it to stop. I’m willing to step up for family time, but I am a college student who needs more control over her life. — Space Saver

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Dear Wendy: “I Can’t Stand My Boyfriend’s Parents”

My boyfriend and I have been dating for two years, and both just graduated from college. Although I love him dearly and very much want to be with him, I can’t stand his overbearing and controlling parents. They don’t view my boyfriend as an adult whatsoever, and he’s too scared to stand up and say anything because his family is very wealthy and he doesn’t want to be cut off. While his parents aren’t very nice to me, they’re even worse to their son. His dad is verbally and emotionally abusive to all of his brothers, as well as his mom. (My boyfriend has also shared stories of physical abuse, even in recent times!) I had plans to visit my boyfriend this summer, but after a bad experience with his family during his graduation, I’m having seconds thoughts. I don’t want to feel like I’m walking on eggshells and controlled by his family for a week or two — especially when a plane ticket would cost me $800. In fact, whenever I have visited in the past, his parents don’t let us go out by ourselves — not even for dinner or to the movies! When I told my boyfriend how I feel about this, he got mad and said I was asking too much. I’m worried that if I stick it out with him, this will always be a problem and he’ll never put his foot down and say “enough is enough” and set some boundaries. What do I do? — Family Ties

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Dear Wendy: “My Boyfriend’s Jealous Of My Relationship With My Mother”

I’m 27 years old and for as long as I’ve been dating, my mom has always gotten in the middle of my relationships. I should preface this by saying that we are very close, I am her only child, and I love her dearly, but this has been a continual problem. She either hates who I am dating (and sometimes with reason) or at the very least creates an “us against him” policy. Recently I moved from my hometown to beautiful Hawaii, and shortly afterward, I met a wonderful guy I started dating. The problem is my parents have a vacation home nearby and my mom came to visit four months ago and hasn’t left, and it’s really beginning to affect my relationship with my boyfriend. She actually likes him, so I thought I was in the clear, but it turns out my boyfriend is jealous of the amount of time I spend with my mom. When he and I began dating, I warned him that this has always been an issue, and he swore he would be supportive, but there’s definitely tension between us. My question is: is it fair for him to get upset about how much time I spend with her? And how can I establish healthy boundaries with my mother once and for all? I love spending time with her, but I also sense our relationship is not healthy because of the guilt I feel. — Mommy Issues

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