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Pandas Can Make Even Bats Seem Cute

This is a panda bat, which is, as you’d imagine, a bat with panda bear coloring. Discovered in South Sudan, researchers believe these little guys are an entirely new genus of bat. Bucknell Associate Professor of Biology DeeAnn Reeder says the bat may be related to a similar bat that was discovered in 1939, but in the meantime, we’ll just coo about how cute these little guys are. [Daily Mail]

Micro Panda
Etsy micro mohair panda
I need an 0.8 inch micro crochet mohair panda. Read More »
Wait, Panda Dogs?!
How? Why? Find out. Read More »
Pandas As Pets
baby panda photo
Wahhh, why does YANNI get one?! Read More »

Xiao Liwu The Baby Panda Gets A Checkup

Panda Belly Rub
baby panda SD zoo
Watch this baby panda get a bully rub at the San Diego Zoo. Read More »
Pandas As Pets
baby panda photo
Yanni, of all people, owns one as a pet. Read More »
No Panda Sex
pandas photo
No sex for Edinburgh Zoo pandas, despite some romantic wrestling. Read More »
baby panda
Oh, Baby!

Over the summer, a baby panda named Xiao Liwu was born at the San Diego Zoo, inspiring delight in Jessica Wakeman’s cubicle, and a few months later we watched him get his first adorable baby panda belly rub. Now, here’s Xiao Liwu getting his 22-week checkup over New Year’s. And also learning the hard way that tires have holes in the inside that you can fall through!

He’ll soon be on display to the public, which means it’s time for a Frisky reader in San Diego to put me up on the couch/bail me out of jail when I get arrested for trespassing. Any takers? Smokers and Tea Party Republicans need not apply. [Neatorama]

A Panda Bear That Moos

As we enter 2011, I wonder: What will be the anthemic animal of the year? The meerkat? The mini-pony? No, no, no: It’s the panda cow–a frigging cow that’s bred to look like a frigging panda bear. Cute and special, just like we hope 2011 will be. [Wtop] Keep reading »

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