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Is The Twilight Saga Making Pale Skin More Desireable?

Years ago, I was forced to accept my pale skin after burning my face so badly that blisters covered my nose. Now, while others slather on tanning oil with single-digit sun protection, I have to cover myself with a muumuu and wide-brimmed hat for fear of burning. If the Twilight Saga had been around earlier, I might not have had to endure the pain of a lobster red face or waited so long to stock up on SPF. According to the Daily Mail, women are embracing their pale skin following the release of “New Moon.” Keep reading »

Do You Consider Your Skin Tone When Getting Dressed?

Love Julianne Moore. Don’t love Julianne’s choice of dress color. She looks a bit sickly, no? When it comes to picking out a dress or blouse, I swear people don’t bother to think about their skin tone. It’s funny because with anything makeup-related the first question is: “Will this work with my skin tone?” Um, hello, your top has to make just as much skin color sense as your shade of red lipstick!

Like Ms. Moore, I’m a pale person. Granted, I don’t have skin as pretty as hers, but I take serious pains to make sure I do my pale (and sometimes ghostly white) skin every possible favor. And that means never wearing this type of neutral, blah color—I let the more olive-skinned lady folk rock it, the women who always look great in this nude hue. Me, I buy loads of jewel-toned tops and, if I really want a nude or a neutral, I’ll wear it on my bottom half, so it doesn’t suck all the color out of my face and make me look green. What about you — do you consider skin tone when shopping or putting on your clothes every morning? Do you have a go-to color that always makes your skin look great? Keep reading »

The Daily Squeeze: Drunkeness, Pale Skin, And Bad Drivers

  • One in four young men and one in three young women in Northern Ireland said they were drunk the first time they had sex, according to a study. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! [BBC and Health Promotion Agency]
  • Men are subconsciously attracted to fairer skin because of its association with purity, innocence, modesty, and goodness, while women are attracted to darker complexions because it hints at sex, virility, and danger, according to researchers at the University of Toronto. Perhaps that’s why the phrase “tall, pale, and handsome” has never caught on. [The Independent, U.K.]
  • An Australian survey found that men were more likely than women to crash their car because they were distracted. Ha. [News.com.au]
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