This Is What You Get When You Combine Perfume And The Sartorialist

How very dapper: Penhaligon’s new fragrance recalls tailored men’s fashion. We hope they’re sending bow tie champion Mr. Brad Goreski a bottle or two. [Lovely Package] … More »

When Your Coffee Gets Cute With You

For some, a morning cup of coffee is your own moment of calm and quiet before the day’s horrendous craziness. But for those who frequent U.K. coffee chain Puccino’s, they’ll find no such luck thanks to the company’s new chatty packaging. But, it is quite cute, you have to admit. See some more examples after… More »

Quick Pic: Speak Now Or Forever Hold Your Pee

Let your household products speak for you. U.K. fair trade and poverty-fighting org, Traidcraft created this statement packaging for 100 percent recycled tissues, paper towels, and toilet paper. [] … More »

Sexy Tina Vodka Embraces Nature’s Nectar

It’s already a concern when you’re swigging straight from the bottle. It’s a whole other problem, however, if the bottle is this Sexy Tina Milky Vodka. A Russian variety, this breast-shaped container is just asking for the drinker to put his lips to it. (“Milky vodka” apparently refers to Irish Cream.) If you’re going to… More »