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Here’s Why You Should Never Be A Stock Photo Model: You May End Up As The Face Of Obese, Geriatric Orgies

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Veteran stock photo model, Samantha Ovens, had an incredibly good attitude when she discovered that a photo she had taken for a “colds and illnesses” photo shoot, was used for The Guardian headline ” I fantasize about group sex with old, obsese men.” To add to the irony, the 36-year-old, who specializes in portraying  “yummy mummies” in various emotional states and situations for the world’s stock photo purposes, just so happens to be gay in real life. So yeah, she’s never even remotely fantasized about group sex with old, fat men. Keep reading »

Money Shot: A Chess Orgy

Nothing like this Antique Erotic chess set to get you in the mood to play … with multiple partners. Each orgiastic piece is enough to make Dionysus himself blush. Check mate. [Boing Boing] Keep reading »

Good Times With Caligula

In ancient Rome, dinner parties often included “champagne rooms” with prostitutes of both sexes available for guests, but during the Roman emperor Caligula’s reign, the orgy experience was not carefree and fun. It was more like rape. As the emperor, Caligula could have people killed (or have their hands chopped off), so everyone did whatever he wanted. One of his favorite ways to entertain himself was to invite aristocratic couples to dine with him, then he would inspect the wife, lifting up her skirt to examine her legs, etc. Then, Caligula would take her to a private parlor to have his way with her, returning to the table to offer a blow-by-blow critique of her body and performance for the other guests. Thankfully, his reign only lasted four years. He was assassinated. [The Smart Set] Keep reading »

A Trend From Chile

Apparently, hundreds of teenagers gather in public parks in Chile to take part in orgies, called ponceo, where they anonymously get and give oral sex. (They refer to themselves as “Pokemones.”) Newsweek.com reports that sociologists have labeled the Pokemones an “urban tribe,” a term that has also been applied to hippies, punks, and goths, but this particular movement has nothing to do with political statements. No, they’re just into high-tech gadgets, Japanese anime, and orgies in the park. [Newsweek.com] Keep reading »

Romance On TV: Big Brother Is Exhaustingly Awesome

Living inside the Big Brother house is a bit like living life in fast-forward: so much more drama goes down in the span of one week than could ever go down in a year in a non-reality show star’s life. Frankly, the game itself (i.e. the “couples” vying for the million dollar prize) is not even the reason to watch, and frankly, the show itself isn’t worth watching either, considering that every moment of life inside the house is available through the Big Brother live feeds. These feeds are watched, transcribed, and posted in text and video form on quite a few blogs, so I’ve been doing most of my BB-obsessing online. So what’s gone down this week since we last left off? Find out, after the jump…
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