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8 More Realistic Types Of Female Orgasms

It seems like there’s always some new kind of insane, mind-blowing orgasm women are supposedly experiencing. From g-spot orgasms, to third-level orgasms, to cul-de-sac orgasms, you can’t help but feel that you’re not measuring up with your respectable pleasure quiver … or lack there of. Let’s not get so infatuated with the climaxes that Cosmo thinks we should be having that we’re ashamed of the orgasms we actually are having, or only having once in a blue, vibrating moon. These types of orgasms seem far more attainable and realistic to us: Keep reading »

You Can Take Orgasm Classes Online

Online Orgasm Classes

There are always new things to learn, even after you have multiple degrees under your belt. It’s back-to-school-time and if you’re looking to build your skills and gain deeper knowledge on the topic of orgasms, that curriculum is now available. According to a promotional email I got, OrgasmicBliss.com is offering a new six-week online video course teaching women how to go from a C to an A+ in the art of orgasming. It’s taught by Tantra practitioner Layla Martin, who hopes to “awaken the full sexual power of as many women as possible.” The Orgasm 101 course is described as follows:

This course gives woman simple, safe and fun exercises and techniques that work as much on women’s minds, emotions and sense of worth as their physical body through exercises on sounding, breathing movement and awareness. And the best part is that it’s all done in the privacy of your own home. The website also allows women to try the first week’s exercises completely free, so they can see how awesome and effective it is before committing to the full $180 six-week course.

Sounds a lot more stimulating than taking a class about, say, HTML. But let’s hope for the students’ sake that there’s no one else home when class is in session.

10 Things Everyone Should Learn In Sex Ed

Quiz: Sex Or LARP?
Quiz: Sex Slang Or LARP Lingo?
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10 Things Everyone Should Learn In Sex Ed

Hold onto your pearls, pearl-clutchers. Oklahoma’s Tulsa School District has just announced plans to implement an unprecedented sex education policy. Cities like Boston,  NYC, San Francisco and Los Angeles are already teaching comprehensive, medically accurate, LGBTQ-inclusive sex education to public school students. One by one, American cities are announcing a move away from abstinence-only curriculum or worse, nothing at all.

Sex education across the world varies so widely that chances are, you’re having sex with someone who received different sex education from you. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all enter (…heh) sexual and romantic relationships confident in each other’s baseline knowledge?

In an ideal world, this is what we’d all learn before we go forth and spread our love. Or seed. Or legs (I’M SORRY). Keep reading »

Orgasms Are Better For Your Brain Than Sudoku

Bicycle Orgasm
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When it comes to  keeping your brain lean and mean well into old age, you’re better off using your vibrator than spending time solving crossword or Sudoku puzzles, claims neuroscientist Professor Barry Komisaruk of Rutgers University. In a new study, Komisaruk, who has been researching female arousal since the ’60s, measured blood flow to women’s brains at the height of orgasm. He discovered a tremendous increase in blood flow to many regions of the brain, resulting in a boost  in nutrients and oxygenation. “Mental exercises increase brain activity but only in relatively localized regions. Orgasm activates the whole [thing],” Komisaruk explained. It’s not like you’re going to give up your Sunday crossword puzzle or your ongoing game of virtual Scrabble, just make sure you’re supplementing your brain workouts it with some orgasms. Done and done. [Daily Mail UK[Photo from Shutterstock]

True Story: I Went From Unorgasmic To Squirting Overnight

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How I Became A Squirter

“Your orgasm is your problem,” my ex-husband once said to me.

I frowned at his suggestion and two days later, some books appeared on my night table: I Love Female Orgasm and The Elusive Orgasm. I resentfully cracked one open and it seemed like a lot of trite stuff about the importance of relaxation. I couldn’t be more relaxed in my marital sex life if I tried. For Godʼs sake, I was almost asleep. How bad was the sex in my marriage? Well, after my ex-husband would leave for work in the morning Iʼd bust out my Hitachi magic wand and relieve myself multiple times. When he returned from the office, heʼd often see the shoulder massager laying lifeless on the floor.

“How many times did you beat off today? Four? God youʼre a freak,” heʼd say, shaming me. Keep reading »

The 7 Most Incredible Orgasms

After an accident left 43-year-old Rafe Biggs a quadriplegic, he found a new way to experience sexual pleasure. About a year after becoming paralyzed, Rafe discovered that he has a “surrogate penis”… on his hand when he was able to have an orgasm by having his girlfriend suck his thumb.

“I felt this build-up of energies and felt I was getting closer and closer to orgasm … When I did it was one wave of pleasure after another – it was amazing. I never thought it would be possible, but massaging and sucking on my thumb, feels a lot like my penis used to feel – it’s really hot,” said Rafe.

Doctors call this a “transfer orgasm,” when another body part gives the same sensation as the genitals. I call that un-fucking-believable. Good for Rafe and his penis thumb. [IB Times]

Click onward for more of the craziest orgasm stories.

Brain During Orgasm
This is what the female brain looks like during an orgasm. Watch »
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