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Pretty In Pantone

Winter is about gray and drab colors. But it doesn’t have to be thanks to these Pantone-themed tin boxes. Add some color to your life with these handy and decorative items. Stack ‘em up to make a rainbow! Or stock up on them and use them as your holiday packaging (far more eco-friendly than wrapping paper).

[$28.00 A + R]

Leaf Cord Ties: Functional Or Frivolous?

Keeping electronics’ power cords organized is really annoying, so we’ve gotten in the habit of wrapping them up with rubber-bands. The nice thing about rubber-bands is that they don’t cost much (especially if you steal them from work), but they aren’t very cute, and sometimes the rubber rots, causing them to snap out of nowhere. Lufdesign’s Leaf Ties do the same job as rubber-bands, but in a rather elegant, nature-inspired way. But is it silly to spend $7 (plus shipping) for 12 ties? [Lufdesign via Design Scene] Keep reading »

What The State Of Your Purse Says About You

Now, here’s a fashion phrase I’ve never heard before: handbag maxim.

HANDBAG MAXIM: n./phrase, pron. hand-bag: hand-bag mak-sim: A universally applicable rule that says the state of the organization (or lack thereof) of your handbag is directly reflective of the organization (or lack thereof) in your life.

According to Glamour editors, this official-sounding term simply describes how your life reflects the inside of your purse. Basically, if your personal affairs are in shambles, there’s a pretty good chance that your purse will be as well. Busy at work? Your bag is full of crumbs from snacks on the go. New relationship? Spare clothes and extra makeup lines the inside of your purse. Personally, I’m a bit OCD and love a good bag dump. Between my gym bag and regular day-to-day bag, I need to edit the contents on a regular basis, but my wallet is another story. I have receipts for weeks, multiple subway passes, and frequent customer cards for stores I’ll never visit again. So maybe I can just alter the term to “wallet maxim” to fit my lifestyle. Can you relate? [Glamour] Keep reading »

Random Uses For Shower Caps

Travel much? HotelChatter wants to give you some suggestions on how to recycle or get the best use out of hotel shower caps. Some of these suggestions are actually pretty useful! (Even though a few have some scary implications.) There are a few good uses for your travel wardrobe—try packing shoes in a spare cap, stuffing one with dirty underwear, or reorganizing “your clothes drawers by rolling belts or scarves or knit hats up in shower caps.” (On second thought, that sounds like something our grandmothers might do.)

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How To Organize Your Accessories

It took me three hours, but I finally tamed the mess of shoes, belts and bags that had been holding my room hostage for weeks. I live in New York, so my apartment is tiny, but definitely not small enough that accessories should make it impossible for me to actually walk around in my bedroom. I’d been practicing the flying leap from doorway to bed method. Or sometimes just sleeping with my roommate to avoid the issue entirely. Needless to say, the whole thing was getting pathetic. So, with the help of an over-the-door shoe rack, two pretty shoe boxes and a bunch of garbage bags, I fixed the situation. Here’s how to turn a sea of shoes and more belts than anyone needs into something less likely to make your room a major cause of rage.
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The Last 31 Days Of 2008: Organize Or Clip Your Magazines

I’m a collector of many things, like shoes, Barbie dolls and magazines (I still have the first issue of Lucky). I never really notice my magazine stacks until I’m trying to find space on my bedroom floor for a new shoe box. Obviously, my boudoir is cluttered, so this month I’m going to go through all my mags and only keep the really important ones. I’ll also clip out any stories, photos or covers I like. And while I’m at it, I’ll create an inspiration board of my clippings, lifting the clutter off the floor and onto an organized bulletin board. I think this is the perfect step for you to also get a jump on your New Year’s de-clutter resolution.

See all the ways to make the most of the last 31 days of 2008 here. Keep reading »

Crave: Wheel Of High-Heeled Fortune

Not having enough room for my shoes (or my clothes or my cosmetics or my anything) in the small apartment I share with the feef* is a major source of stress in my life, because in addition to being a shopaholic, I am also moderately OCD. Thankfully, Rakku Designs has come to my rescue. They’ve invented the handy-dandy Shoe Wheel, which can store up to 30 pairs of shoes (including high heels!) in small, attractive, and user-friendly packaging. It’s a little pricey at $65, especially when you consider that I will now have the closet space to buy even more kicks. [The Budget Fashionista]

*”Feef” is what I’m now calling my fiance, since I hate that word. I called him my “beef” when we were just BF/GF because that’s the way I thought “BF” would be pronounced as a word. So now he’s my “feef”. Feel free to use it.
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