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A Dating Site For Music Buffs

I won’t lie—when I get a message from a guy through an online dating site, I read it, then look at a photo or two, and then see what bands he lists as his favorite. Yes, it’s shallow and I assure you that I do look at other biographical details, too. Not that it’s sooo vital, but I love a guy who has great taste in music—the ideal is someone who enjoys what’s on my iPod, but can also introduce me to new stuff. Yes, I am a music snob and the way to my heart is through a good mix CD. (And, uh, being an awesome person—but that’s a point for another post.) So I’m thinking that Tastebuds.fm is kind of a great idea. It works one of two ways—you can manually input your favorite bands, or it can scan your Last.fm playlists and match you up with single folks in your area who like the same music you do. The more bands you put in, the more matches you get. And so far, the dudes in here look like something to sing about. Sorry, had to. [Crushable] Keep reading »

Dear Wendy: Bridesmaid Thinks Wedding Is A Charade

I’m supposed to be a bridesmaid at my friend’s upcoming wedding, but a few months ago, I learned that she cheated on her fiancé. She started lying to me about her communication with the other man and it’s clear she isn’t looking to follow anyone’s advice and is going to do what she wants. Canceling or postponing the wedding, or, god forbid, coming clean to her fiancé are out of the question. Her wedding is a destination affair so I will be paying to fly and stay at a very nice hotel for the weekend; the bridesmaid dresses are costly; and the bachelorette party isn’t going to be cheap either. I find myself starting to resent my friend. She comes crying when she feels confused or lost. but hasn’t really expressed or acknowledged how much this is costing or affecting her friends. I have tried to talk to her, but all I get in return are empty promises and lies. Am I supposed to just go along with it? Send an anonymous letter to her fiancé so they can try and have an honest talk about this? I work hard for my money and I really don’t want spend it on this charade. Is there anything I can do that won’t ruin the friendship? Or, am I being overly judgmental and need to mind my own business? — Reluctant Bridesmaid

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Online Dating In The Early 1900s

A-ha! So this is the early twentieth century version of online dating. Honest, straight-forward, to the point. With an amazing painted backdrop. I like it. [BuzzFeed] Keep reading »

What His Online Profile Really Means

You sign up for an online dating site. You start checking out guys’ profiles. You start to notice a pattern. A lot of men, it seems, are “easygoing,” “like to travel,” and post shirtless photos. You see so much of this that you wonder if their profiles aren’t written in some sort of secret code. What does “easygoing” really mean? They like to travel, but do they? And what’s with all the man boobs? So many profiles, so many questions, so few answers. Because we’re not afraid to be service-y here at The Frisky, we’ve created the first ever decoder for understanding what men are really saying in their online dating profiles. Keep reading »

OKCupid Will Now Tell You How Attractive You Are

Creeeeeepy. The online dating site OKCupid just sent an email informing me in the subject line, “we have data on your attractiveness.” Data? Really? So, of course I clicked on it and their email told me that based on a three-year-old photo (many pounds and a haircut ago) of me that I used on my profile, I’ve been deemed attractive enough to be recommended to date other attractive people on the site. This is apparently an “elite status” and an “important privilege.”

Um, thanks?

Funny, because this photo never got me laid, not even once. Keep reading »

Girl Talk: My Facebook Dating Experiment

After my interview with dating coach, matchmaker, and Have Him At Hello author Rachel Greenwald, I was totally pumped to test out some of the tips she gave. Specifically, what Rachel calls “I Spy a Facebook Guy.” The dating game? Give yourself some time each day to cruise around your friends’ Facebook pages and find 50 guys that you think are interesting. Then scope out their profiles and write them a message.

OK, confession: I logged onto Facebook the following day, went through one friend’s 431 friends, found one cute guy, and chickened out of writing him. I couldn’t even tell if he was single or not. Besides, I felt like a weird, desperate stalker. Not my style at all. Maybe I lack the necessary cajones to find love on Facebook. I logged off, dejected. But quitting is not my style either. So, I came up with an alternative plan that felt a little more “me.” Keep reading »

Meow! Google Restricts Cougar Dating Sites From Its Searches

Google has gone cougar-hunting. The search engine has classified “cougar” dating sites like CougarLife.com as “non-family safe” and banned them from its content pages. Google ads appear on over 6,700 websites, including biggies like YouTube and MySpace.

Sad news for Samantha Jones indeed — but unfortunately Google has a glaring double standard if you compare CougarLife.com to other dating sites. For example, most ads for SeekingArrangements.com, which matches young “sugar babes” with older, successful sugar daddies, are still considered “family-safe” by Google. However, dates found on CougarLife.com don’t come with financial perks, but the goal of SeekingArrangements.com is to pair a “generous benefactor” with “college students” and “aspiring actresses.” It’s not prostitution … but it’s not not prostitution, if you get what I’m saying. Keep reading »

Poll: How Did You Meet Your Last Significant Other?

How Did You Meet Your Last Significant Other?

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Why Women On Dating Sites Don’t Respond To Men

Did you know that when it comes to online dating, it’s a chick’s market? Apparently, dudes get shut down left and right, and women get winked and emailed to death. If you check out OnlineDatingMatchMaker.com, you’ll see that it’s men who are sending out plenty of emails, but rarely do they get a return email. Sucks for you, fellas! Regardless, we here at The Frisky are big fans of the males, and we thought we would explain why you never heard back from us. Keep reading »

Post-Mother’s Day Is The 2nd Most Popular Day For Philandering Women!

Is today weird statistic day or something? According to AshleyMadison.com, that online dating site for people who are already married and looking to cheat, they had their second highest number of female sign-ups last year the day after Mother’s Day. The day after Valentine’s Day is the most popular sign-up date for women, while the third biggest day is New Year’s Day. So, why are women so apt to explore cheating on their man the day after these big holidays? In my opinion, all three holidays come with big expectations, especially for women in two out of the three. It’s logical to assume that when their men come up short in showing their appreciation, these women are left feeling unhappy with the relationship and might desire an escape. Given that Valentine’s Day is a holiday every coupled woman can celebrate with her man, the popularity of sign-ups the day after Mother’s Day (a holiday fewer women celebrate) is even more surprising to me. Mind you, for the most part, I think Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day are Hallmark holidays focused on shallow consumerism, but, whatever, I get why it would be hurtful to have your kids and baby daddy act like ungrateful dillweeds even that one day out of the year. I do not get, however, why it would drive anyone to a dating site as lame and skeezy as AshleyMadison.com. I mean, if you want to cheat on your husband, do it the old-fashioned way. Or tell him he’s being an ungrateful jerk. Or, you know, just divorce him. [MomLogic] Keep reading »

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