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The Top Six Excuses For Getting Out Of Sex

Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't. Whether he's a handsome stranger you don't want to lead to the promise land or your boyfriend trying to gorge on girlfriend pie, here's how to just say "Later lover." Sterilization Screw-Up A simple birth control slip up could cause penis pandemonium. No dude wants to…
By: Simcha / August 22, 2008

Quickies!: Willie Nelson For President, Gastrosexuals, & The Benefits Of Marriage

There's a write-in movement underway, complete with campaign song, to elect country music icon Willie Nelson as the next President of the United States. [The Boot] Are PETA's ads sexy or sexist? [Daily Bedpost] A new breed of man has been identified: the gastrosexual, who uses his cooking skills to woo…
By: Annika Harris / July 25, 2008

Standing Up For One Night Stands

A new study is claiming women don’t like one-night stands. Um, doesn’t a blanket statement like that need circumstantial qualifications? Such as: Women don’t like one-night stands when: 1. It’s a pity lay. 2. They're new to college and sex, so they're not really sure how to do it. 3. They’ve accidentally taken home David…
By: Simcha / June 26, 2008

Frisky Chatter: Dish From The Frisky Forums

Hello pretty people! We hereby order you to take five minutes out of your precious time and to go over to the Frisky forums for three extremely important reasons: We're desperate from your thoughts on summer shorts. We're going to be doing a slideshow based on your recommendations, so don't leave us hanging.
By: Amelia McDonell-Parry / May 2, 2008
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