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Dreams Come True: Riff Raff As Jamie Franko On “One Life To Live”

"I need my fettucines."

Rapper/gold chain impressario Riff Raff is a magical unicorn. The inspiration for James Franco’s “Spring Breakers” character Alien, Riff has been determined to get back at Franco for copping his whole act. So he did the most logical thing and signed up for a stint on “One Life To Live” as art gallerist Jamie Franko. (This all makes sense because Franco did a guest stint as performance artist FRANCO on “General Hospital,” and the world is an ouroboros.)

In this largely (seemingly) improvised clip, Riff Raff as Franko threatens a club owner (there are crazy hot clubs on in Llanview now!), swears (Hulu, man), encourages a couple of girls to indulge in recreational lesbianism, and hits on a waitress. Yup, sounds about right. This guy definitely has a future! [Hulu]

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Is There Anything Better Than Riff Raff Playing James Franco On “One Life To Live”?

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No. There is nothing better than the idea of Riff Raff, the rapper/corn row aficionado who was clearly the inspiration for James Franco’s “Spring Breakers” character Alien, playing the part of Jamie Franko on upcoming episodes of “One Life To Live.” Mr. Raff, rightfully peeved that Franco pretty much stole his whole existence as inspiration for Alien, said in the past that “the storyline ain’t mine but no one on Earth can deny that James Franco’s image and appearance characteristics are Riff Raff all day.”  He even mounted a Twitter campaign — #WhyJamesFrancoWhy — calling him out on the image theft. Keep reading »

Soap Operas Turn Rapists Into Heartthrobs

I’ve watched soap operas since I was a wee one — my first memory, practically, is of Luke & Laura’s wedding on General Hospital, which incidentally took place on November 16, 1981, my 2nd birthday. Over the course of my 28 years on earth, I have watched for long , devoted periods of time, All My Children (back when Janet threw her twin Natalie down the well), Days of Our Lives (I’ve been there through Sami’s many, many ups and downs), General Hospital, One Life to Live, and The Young and the Restless (remember when Victoria slept with the guy she thought was her brother?). Soap operas are magnificent at being both really visionary and forward thinking — Stone’s battle with AIDS on GH, Ryan Phillippe playing the first gay character on OLTL, and the transgender storyline on AMC — as well as totally backward and dangerous in the messages they send. There is no better example of this than a current storyline on DOOL. Keep reading »

The Daily Squeeze: Bans In China, Teenage Pregnancy On TV, And Mail-Order Brides

  • Actress Tang Wei’s commercial for Pond’s has been banned in China, most likely because of her steamy role in Ang Lee’s movie Lust, Caution. Her seven-minute sex scene had to be cut from the movie to be shown on China’s mainland. [Reuters and Telegraph.co.uk]
  • The 16-year-old character Starr on One Life to Live had sex with her boyfriend on the show, and for about 40 episodes, One Life to Live will delve into the aftermath. “It’s not going to be glamorous at all,” said Frank Valentini, the show’s executive producer. Pregnancy never is, Frank. [Reuters]
  • A Phoenix man has started a mail-order bride website called loveme.com, and it’s doing quite well so far, with 150 engagements this year alone. “The American men have such a great reputation in these countries that it just opens the door,” said Ken Aingee, who runs the site. “The women want to meet them, they actually almost fight over you to meet you.” Oh dear. Let’s not stroke their egos too much. [KTAR.com]
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