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Johnny Weir Pledges His Room And Other Olympic Pre-Performance Rituals

My favorite figure skater ever, Johnny Weir, prepared for his Vancouver Olympic performance by, um, cleaning his hotel suite. Weir told People, “I was nervous. So I Lemon Pledged everything in my room. Some people eat, some people drink—but I Pledge everything.” [People]

It appears that many Olympians have their own rituals, from lucky Pledge to lucky charms. Here are a few of the wackiest. Keep reading »

Ice Dancing Is Sort Of Incestuous

Tonight, when you turn on the Olympics and watch the ice dancing competition, you’ll see couples look lustily at one another as they dance the tango. Some of these pairs, however, are siblings. Of the 23 ice-dancing teams competing in the Olympics, four are brother-sister duos. Ick.

Keep reading »

10 Reasons We Love Evan Lysacek

So if you weren’t able to stay up through the glitter and glamour of the men’s figure skating long program last night, I’ll just tell you that it was pretty durn exciting when American Evan Lysacek skated a nearly flawless program and won gold, defeating Ruskie champion Evgeni Plushenko. (Unfortunately Lysacek’s teammate, the fantastic Johnny Weir, did not have the same success—but we’ve already ranted about that.) We are still sort of in awe of the sheer fantastic-ness that is Evan. Here are 10 reasons he deserves your love and already has ours. Keep reading »

Olympic Snowboarder Kelly Clark Is No Kelly Clarkson

Last night, while watching the women’s halfpipe finals, we noticed a strange phenomenon: Each competitor had a distinct pre-run ritual. American Kelly Clark’s, however, stood out. Before each of her two tries, she put her iPod on a particular song and sang along to it. Kelly’s personal karaoke session helped her win the bronze metal. Can you figure out what song she’s singing along to? We did some sleuthing and found the tune. Keep reading to take a listen. Keep reading »

Which Winter Olympic Hottie Is Your Type?

Watching the Winter Olympics this week, I can’t stop thinking about how, whatever your type is, there’s a kind of athlete who will float your boat, if you know what I mean. So, should you be macking on a snowboarder? Or a curler? Or an ice dancer? After the jump, I’ve created a handy guide to let you know which winter athletes you should be lusting after. Hey, there’s a reason they call ladies of the slope “ski bunnies.” Because, just like bunnies, they’re down to get action any time. And you need to be too—so go to Canada and get your man! Keep reading »

Frisky Rant: Figure Skater Johnny Weir Was Robbed!

Have you seen “Be Good Johnny Weir,” the new Sundance reality show about the figure skating phenom who can do Lady Gaga and Victor Petrenko justice? Well, if your answer is no, you need more glam and ice bling in your life! Nobody brings it like Johnny, the booty-shaking bad boy ballerina with a heart of gold. He’s known for designing his own sparkly costumes — and his even more colorful sound bites. But he’s not all flash and talk; Johnny gave some seriously stunning Olympic performances in Vancouver!

The weird thing is, you’d think a guy who elevates athleticism to art and expresses himself with emotional performances and original costuming would be applauded in an individual, elegant sport like figure skating. But, as we saw this week at the Olympics, where he was robbed of a well-deserved medal, there seem to be invisible point deductions that “protect” the event from having a flamboyant face. Keep reading »

Quotable: Johnny Weir Is Just Like Us!

“She stayed out all day so I could run around naked and watch ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ and just relax for the competition.”

Johnny Weir, on his Olympic roomie, Tanith Belbin [Montreal Gazette] Keep reading »

Quotable: Victoria Beckham Disses Men’s Figure Skating Wear

“There’s nothing good about those outfits. I wear the feathers in my relationship. If David came home dressed like that – could you imagine? Terrible.”

Victoria Beckham on the hideousness of what male figure skaters have been wearing at the Olympics. Perhaps if they accessorized with a cap? Keep reading »

Could Have Been Worse: A Look At The Norwegian Curling Team’s Uniform Supplier

Curling? WTF is that? Did anyone ever care about this Olympic sport before the Norwegian team showed up with these blindingly loud pants? Either these kids got lost in Johnny Weir’s wardrobe on the way to the rink, or they thought they’d stand out with something different and, uh, attention-grabbing. Grab the world’s attention they did, and now everyone’s aching to know more. (Or more like whhyyyyyyyy???)

The team’s slacks apparently came from a retailer of golf pants named Loudmouth (apt name), which specializes in selling extremely colorful fashions. We took a look at Loudmouth’s offerings, and as much as we’d hope our guys never want to borrow clothes from the Norwegians, it wouldn’t be as bad as what the team didn’t pick. [Loudmouth] Keep reading »

Lindsey Vonn Wins Gold In Downhill Skiing—By 0.56 Of A Second

0.56 of a second is, quite literally, the blink of an eye. But that’s all the time it took Lindsey Vonn to win the Olympic gold medal in yesterday’s women’s downhill skiing competition, beating her rival, fellow American skier Julia Mancuso. What makes Vonn’s win even crazier? The news has been inundated with tongue-wagging about whether Vonn’s bruised right shin would dash her Olympic dreams. But despite her injury — painkillers helped — Vonn raced down the Whistler, British Columbia course in a brisk 1 minute, 44.19 seconds.“It was a fight all the way down but I told myself to keep pushing regardless of the consequences,” Vonn told The New York Times. When she crossed the finish line and saw her name at #1, Vonn fell backwards into the snow, raised her arms in the air and bawled tears of joy. “Seeing my name and the number one next to it was the best feeling I’ve had in my life,” she continued. “I came here to win a gold medal. I stood up to the pressure. I went for it with no fear. I will attack in all the next events; I’ll keep that promise. But I simply can’t feel any happier. And I know I will always have today.” [New York Times] Keep reading »

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