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Olivia Wilde Is Psyched To Turn 30

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“Sure, it’ll be tougher to convince an audience I’m the ‘feisty young coed,’ cramming for my biochem final and wondering if Zac Efron’s character likes my new crushed-velvet headband, but I was never crazy about those roles anyway. People assume actresses are afraid to get older; the truth is the roles get a whole lot more compelling once you’re too old to play dumb. So I’m welcoming this development with open arms.”

Olivia Wilde on why she’s embracing her impending 30-year-old self in Hollywood. The “Drinking Buddies” star goes on to list the do’s and don’ts for other women hitting their big three-oh, such as “DO enjoy your sexual prime” and “DON’T cut your face.” Although, after googling Ms. Wilde’s birthday, she actually turns 30 in March of 2014 … so like, in seven months. A little premature if you ask me, but nonetheless, you should read the rest of the 29-year-old’s advice! [Glamour]

Can You Guess Which Celeb Couple Was Snapped Engaging In Aquatic PDA?

This recently engaged couple couldn’t keep their hands off each other this week while on vacation in Hawaii. Paparazzi snapped them playing a rousing game of tonsil hockey in the ocean. I wonder what might be going on below the surface…. Can you guess which celeb twosome was gettin’ frisky? Find out after the jump! [Photos: Fame/Flynet] Keep reading »

Awkward Celeb Kisses
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Style Stealer: Olivia Wilde’s Pretty Primary Color Combo

Yellow and red are two colors I wouldn’t normally think to pair together. So bright, so primary! And yet paired with black and white, in sleek, sophisticated shapes, they can look frickin’ perfect together, as Olivia Wilde illustrates here. Find out how to get the entire look — for less than $100 — after the jump! Keep reading »

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Jason Sudeikis Doesn’t Kiss On The First Date

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“I thought, ‘He won’t be interested in me; I’m not a contender. He was so cool, so funny’ — I was such a fan of his and had always fancied his speed and his intelligence. He’s a brilliant actor with a brain like lightning. … I felt like fresh meat at the market … I thought, I’m not beautiful enough or his type. I couldn’t wait to sit down and hear him talk. On our first date, in New York City, we closed the restaurant down at 2 a.m.! He didn’t kiss me, and I was madly in love. I was overwhelmed.”

––Last week we learned never to go on a date with Adam Levine because he will take you to McDonald’s in a tuxedo. Seriously, that’s what he said is his favorite first date idea. But Olivia Wilde restored my faith in humanity. On her first date with fiancé Jason Sudeikis, they shut the restaurant down. And there was no kissing. Sexual tension! It sounds refreshingly normal. [Marie Claire] [Image: WENN]

Are Olivia Wilde And Jason Sudeikis Secretly Engaged?

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  • Are Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis secretly engaged? That’s the word on the street over at RadarOnline. The one-year-strong couple is supposedly planning a wedding in his home town of Kansas City sometime soon, although Wilde’s publicist denied they are engaged. [RadarOnline]
  • A British man died after suffering a heart attack while dancing to “Gangnam Style” at his office holiday party. That is horrible. [The FW]
  • Is anyone surprised that Barbara Walters asked New Jersey Governor Chris Christie about his weight? She probably put him on her “Most Interesting People List” (which, by the way, had Honey Boo Boo on it, just so you know how esteemed this list is) solely so she could ask Christie about his weight. [BlissTree]
  • Meet the top 15 kinkiest celebs. Yum, yum! [Em & Lo]

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Love It Or Leave It: Olivia Wilde’s Sparkly Knit Look

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Olivia Wilde is a bonafide stunner, so it typically doesn’t matter what she wears. When I first spied her in this L’Wren Scott look at the premiere of her new movie “Deadfaull,”  I loved it. But on closer inspection, it seems a little dowdy and mumsy. Like, I could see somebody’s grandma wearing it to a Christmas eve church ceremony. And maybe it’s not showstopping enough for a premiere. But what do you think? Is it a yay or a nay in your book?

Love It Or Leave It: Olivia Wilde's L'Wren Scott Premiere Look

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