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In Defense Of Chain Restaurants

Restaurant Server Secrets
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I am going to confess something really, really uncool: I genuinely love eating in most chain restaurants.

There was once a time in my childhood when dinner at a chain was how my family celebrated a birthday or someone’s graduation. That’s just what you did. Chains were relatively inexpensive compared to the more hoity-toity restaurants in town, so my parents could feed the whole lot of us — and not worry too much about the noise or mess we would create. My first serious high school boyfriend even took me on a “fancy” date to Olive Garden!

But as an adult, I’ve realized I sincerely like the cheesy biscuits at Red Lobster and the blooming onion at Outback Steakhouse. I like them so much I’d rather get cheesy biscuits for dinner than some hip new place on a food blog that only six people know about. Look, I know the portions are huge and unhealthy and the behavior of corporate chains can put Mom and Pop restaurants out of business. Chains are by no means perfect. I also think there are aspects of chain restaurants that Mom and Pops would do well to emulate — as any cringe-inducing episode of “Kitchen Nightmares” illustrates.  After the jump, here are six things I ironically love about eating in chains.

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Girl Talk: My Chain Restaurant V-Day Tradition

Valentine’s Day is for lovers, or at least people who love love. But what happens when you’re neither in a relationship, or a state of mind to handle all the hearts, stars or flowers? I say, go ridiculous. For the past several years, my best girlfriends and I have gone out of our way to make the best of the worst holiday of the year, by making it as stupefyingly non-romantic as possible. We go to chain restaurants. Keep reading »

Playboy Hits Wall Street Harder Than The Recession

Playboy is looking for the lovely ladies of Wall Street! The mag has already hit up the hotties at the Olive Garden and Home Depot, but now they want women who aren’t even making minimum wage thanks to the economic crisis. While the market is down, Playboy thinks they can get financial analysts to take it all off! So, if you went to business school, now is you chance to really cash in, sorta. Photo editor Gary Cole claims the payola will be based on the number of applicants, but he doesn’t suspect he’ll have to offer more than 2G’s because, “The reason they [the models] do this is because they want the attention, the opportunity, the experience of doing it. It’s not really for the money.” Ha, we think they underestimate the shrewd negotiators they’re dealing with here. [Reuters UK]

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