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Rock On, Grandma: Style Blog Of Elderly Fashionistas Is My New Guilty Pleasure

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: I love old people. Aside from their I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude about life in general, their fashion choices never cease to amaze me. As my grandparents get older, I’ve noticed that my grandfather’s pants just keep getting higher and higher, but my grandma— well, she’s another story. For whatever reason, as she ages, she keeps piling on more and more accessories, I think in an effort to remind us all that underneath the wrinkles, she’s still fabulous. My ex-boyfriend used to say he liked visiting her because she had so many brooches, faux pearls and cocktail rings that she looked like she belonged on the Titanic, and that is precisely why “Advanced Style” is my new favorite thing. Keep reading »

Grandma & Grandpa Woodstock Get Stuck At Airport, Magic Happens

grandma and grampa woodstock
"If you remember Woodstock you probably weren't there."

Up in Ye Olde Woodstock, New York, there’s an old couple who go by Grandma and Grandpa Woodstock. The pair both attended the original Woodstock (unrelated to the Limp Bizkit violence and rape-fest of 1999), but didn’t meet until the Rainbow Gathering a few years ago. The be-dreadlocked and whiskered couple got married at a Gathering in 2009, and return each year to celebrate and, presumably, barter macrame wall hangings for drugs.

The couple took a bus to the Montana Gathering location, but were told they wouldn’t be allowed on a return bus, because of their dog. So they purchased plane tickets for the return trip to Woodstock. The only problem? Ninety-year-old Grandma Woodstock didn’t have an ID. “She forgot where she put it probably about 10 years ago,” explained Grandpa. The pair eventually got on a flight, but not before they became mini-celebs at the Salt Lake City airport. Peace and love, in the air! [Fox 13]

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4 Unexpected Benefits Of Hanging Out With Old People

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4 Unexpected Benefits Of Hanging Out With Old People

This past week, while on vacation, I had the pleasure of hanging out with my boyfriend’s great aunt. I didn’t ask her age because that would just be rude,  but I’m going to guess that she’s in her 80′s. A wisp of a thing, no taller than 5’1″, she has grey bob, ruddy cheeks and just about the best attitude a human being can possibly have without being the Dalai Lama. (My grandparents, who are also a joy to be around, are like this too. My theory is that their sunny dispositions are directly related to surviving The Depression, but I could be wrong.)

After a fall last year, which resulted in months of rehab, my boyfriend’s great aunt gets around with the help of a walker she calls her “Cadillac.” She also has a “Chevrolet,” but she often leaves it at home because “it’s not as fast.” Her great joys in life include taking her Keds off to tan her legs on the beach, collecting large and small bottles which she uses to “help her remember fun times” (she has 146 of them), being read aloud to (she loved the new David Sedaris book — “Those are such great stories!” she exclaimed after each chapter) and eating lobster (which she pronounces lobstah, because she’s from the Northeast). When you say something — anything at all — (“I just got a mosquito bite” or “We’re having lobstah for dinner”) she responds by throwing her hands in the air and shouting “Oh my gawd! Oh boy! Can you believe that?” Keep reading »

100-Year-Old Woman Just Really Wants To Have Sex, Is That So Wrong?

When You're A 100-Years-Old, You Can Ask Everybody About Their Private Parts
"How's ya dick hangin'?"

Old people: they do what they want. And if they’re feeling pervy and want to ask a reporter “How’s ya dick hangin’?”, well, so be it. I am not going to get in the way of a centenarian trying to make a love connection. Are you? [YouTube via BroBible]

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Grandma Tries Pop Rocks For The First Time

Watch Video

My grandma passed away last Thanksgiving, so she’s been on my mind the last few days. Then I saw this video of an 82-year-old grandma trying Pop Rocks for the first time, and I missed her even more. I’m pretty sure she would have been just as delighted by the strange popping sensation on her tongue. “Eighty-two years old and I’ve never heard of such a thing!” is something my grandma would have totally said. Miss and love you always, Gram! [Buzzfeed]

French Grazia Details The “Cool Old People” Trend

After reading about the ridiculous air diet in a recent issue of French Grazia, I have a confession to make: I’m now a full-on addict of the sometimes-crazy fashion rag, and look forward to picking it up just to see what weird “hot trend” they’ll uncover next. (Of course, this is much easier for me to do given that I live in Paris—but now I can translate all the best international gossip for you!) This week, it’s about old people: “Les Seniors de la Hype,” which I’m sure you understand. Keep reading »

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