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Rush Limbaugh Says Ohio Kidnap Victims Are Part Of A Welfare Scheme, And It’s All Obama’s Fault

"Double welfare benefits if one of the women has a baby"

Sometimes terrible things happen, and they’re so unbelievably heinous, all you can do is gasp in horror. That’s the general response most of us have had to the harrowing story of Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus — three women kidnapped, chained and held against their will in Cleveland, Ohio, for a decade. But oh, that’s not what Rush Limbaugh did. Instead, on his broadcast last night, Rush decided to wax philosophical on what it all means. You see, Rush Limbaugh watched an episode of “Hawaii 5-0″ last night. It was about kidnapped and murdered women who were used in a welfare plot. And in between contemplating his lonely, sad, dessicated existence, Rush conjured up a tacky ass conspiracy theory about the Ohio kidnapping victims.

It goes something like this: What if the Ohio “victims” were actually part of a huge welfare scam. And also, they all voted for Obama, so you know! Basically, this whole thing is just what happens when you elect Obama! And these chicks are just welfare queens waiting to happen! He also helpfully points out that the women get “double welfare benefits if one of the women has a baby,” after noting that one of the women, Amanda Berry, did, in fact, have a baby — a child she had after being raped, likely by Ariel Castro. Keep reading »

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