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Octopi Make Sexy Fashion, Says Chef

Chocolate Covered Fashion
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Folks are entitled to their own opinions when it comes to what they find erotic and appealing. But we’ve got to vociferously disagree with Michelin-starred chef Roland Trettl, who thinks that octopi–yes, oct0pi–are sexy. Trettl’s been dressing models in octopus halters and seaweed skirts as a part of an upcoming exhibition on food and fashion at Berlin’s Communications Museum. Trettl thinks octopus tentacles are “erotic and sexy” but I think they’re cold and slimy, and probably rather unpleasant to wear.

Are there any foods you think are particularly sexy or come-hither? [Vice Style]

Octopus Picks World Cup Winners

Paul is an octopus at the Sea Life Aquarium in Germany. He’s also psychic. Or at least, really freaking good at picking who is going to win World Cup matches. Aquarium workers place two boxes in front of Paul, one with the German flag and one with the flag of whoever they’re playing. Both boxes are filled with octo treats and Paul has to pick one. Using this method, he predicted Germany’s win today over Ghana. But he doesn’t always just root for the home team. Last Friday, he predicted that Serbia would beat Germany, and they did, 1-0 in a big upset. So if you’re planning to place bets on future games Germany is playing in—better wait to hear who Paul the psychic octopus picked first. I wonder if odds on his picks are 8-1? [AOL] Keep reading »

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