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Taking Control Of The Male Gaze

New study measures the objectification of women. Read More »
Sexist Axe Ad
axe boobs
A headless pair of boobs stars in Axe's new commercial. Read More »
Sexist Beer Marketing
Lady beer expert pens open letter letter to beer enthusiasts. Read More »

Designer Norma Kamali created the sleeping bag coat, but she didn’t stop there. After garnering success as a fashion designer, Kamali made a short film about the objectification of women, titled “Hey Baby.” From that project, sprung a new collaborative website, called Stop Objectification, which aims to empower women to take ownership of their bodies and the messages encoded on it. Users are able to upload photos of their favorite body parts and then write “a caption that let’s the world know what makes you more.” The project gives the power back to women who’ve typically had negative and sexual messages put upon their bodies without regard.

We’re stoked that Kamali came up with this empowerment tool, and hope you give it a try. [Stop Objectification]

Nerd Freakout: Hi-Tech Norma Kamali Mannequins

Designer Norma Kamali made a rather interesting contribution to “CatWalk Becomes TechWalk,” a new public display of fashion and art unveiled last week in New York. While others clothed their mannequins in all things sparkly and astronaut-esque, Kamali revealed a mannequin adorned only in branding and bar codes. Download the app at getscanlife.com, scan the barcodes on Kamali’s mannequins, and learn all you like about the designer and her collection. Kind of cool, no? [Fashion Indie] Keep reading »

Norma Kamali’s Frightening Eagle Tank Perfect For Independence Day

The Fourth of July is just over a month away (47 days, to be exact), which means you still have plenty of time to order this scary Norma Kamali eagle tank top from Walmart. Dressing in red, white, and blue is easy and expected; wearing our national bird shows true patriotism. [$8, Walmart] Keep reading »

Erin’s Style Diary: Wednesday

What I’m Wearing Today:

Well, it’s too bad I wear all black most of the time, because it’s quite difficult to photograph without professional assistance. Sooo based on this picture, you probably think I’m walking around this piece looking like Lady Gaga today. Here’s the real deal: The cocoon jacket is somewhat billowy, but when you put your arms down, it drapes and gathers nicely (not as dramatic-looking), has tight sleeves for contrast and definition, and it’s made of the softest, comfiest sweatshirt material ever. It’s also sold out at the moment, but maybe Wal-Mart will restock. We’ve been pretty crazy about Norma Kamali‘s line there ever since it dropped–it’s so cheap, shipping is a breeze, and everything is shockingly well-made. Anyhoo, the sweatshirt-y piece is a great way to make a mini-dress (this one has cute zipper embellishments) more daytime-friendly, though I’m pretty sure 98 percent of workplaces would not consider this getup “office appropriate.” Keep reading »

Cheapskate: Walmart

I have a confession to make. I’m a little obsessed with Norma Kamali‘s line for Walmart. I’ve bought several of the well-made pieces this year, and I am constantly checking the site for new additions. I don’t know how I missed the Sleeping Bag Jacket, which Erin has been sporting rather stylishly lately. Even though I visit Walmart.com regularly, I very rarely scope out the other available clothing. And now I’m kicking myself because the retailer has really stepped up its fashion game. The George line is pretty cool, as is Faded Glory (I know, shocker). Plus, you can find really great wardrobe staples for less than $10. After the jump, check out my favorite Cheapskate fashions from Walmart.

Keep reading »

Snuggle Up With A Sleeping Bag Coat

It may not look like the most fashionable coat on the market, but it is designer-made (as iconic as the DVF’s wrap dress to many), and will keep you toasty warm. Norma Kamali’s sleeping bag coat usually retails for $595 in stores, but she’s decided to be nice and generous. The designer not only began offering the coat–which was created 30 years ago during a cold camping trip–on her eBay site for under $300, but has now teamed up with WalMart to sell the piece for a ridiculously affordable price … only $35! Prepare to stalk your local WalMart for this toasty hot number. If you want to see what it looks like on, follow the jump to watch a Lucky editor try it on. [Lucky] Keep reading »

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