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TLC’s “Strange Sex”: Orgasming With Your Mind (NSFW)

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This is what a non-genital orgasm looks like

Oh, bless TLC’s “Strange Sex.” We’ve seen erotic breast feeding, a woman with 102ZZZ breasts, and now … orgasms with your mind. One of this week’s topic du jours was “thinking yourself off.” The episode featured Sheri and Carl, a couple who have non-genital orgasms. Yes, that means having an orgasm without any genital touching whatsoever. And this is what it looks like in case you were wondering.

Sheri, a sex educator, claims she’s had over 15,000 non-genital orgasms in her life. On a good day, she can give herself up to five orgasms with her mind. Whoa. That’s a lot of thinking. If you’re interested in learning how to get from point A to point O, you can take one of Sheri’s classes (or just watch one in action). Warning: It involves making orgasm sounds in front of strangers and other stuff. For your viewing pleasure (pun intended), I’ve included another clip, which features one of her mind orgasm classes, after the jump. You’re welcome. Keep reading »

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