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Beauty IRL: Making The Case For The Bare Face

Beauty IRL: Making The Case For The Bare Face

I realize the benefits of makeup. I acknowledge its usefulness in looking and feeling put together, pretty, and confident. If you have a zit that’s screaming for attention, the ability to slap on some concealer and go about your business is fantastic. Lipstick changes your entire appearance and makes a sweatshirt and crappy jeans that you’re not crazy about look #normcore. These are positives that I am not denying, but foregoing makeup entirely has its benefits too. There’s something empowering to walk out of the house in the morning with your face as it is, without embellishment. Keep reading »

How Do We Feel About “No Makeup November”?

No Makeup For 2 Weeks
I gave up makeup
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Porn Stars Without Makeup
Porn stars without makeup
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No Makeup Holding Me Back?
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no makeup november
30 Days, No Makeup

To you and I, today is the 20th day of November and one week from Thanksgiving vacation. But one group of Christian women and girls, today is the 20th day of not wearing any makeup to revel in their natural beauty. No Makeup November is a project of Rave Ministries, which hopes “that for one month kids, teens, mothers, and grandmothers will relish every opportunity possible to see the true beauty that God has breathed in them.” Keep reading »

Whoa, Porn Stars Without Makeup Look Kinda Like Regular People!

The "Ideal" Pornstar
She's probably not who you think she is. Read More »
No Makeup Holding Me Back?
My boss told me my hair and makeup were holding me back. Read More »
Porn stars without makeup

It’s not exactly a secret that celebrities wear enough makeup to suffocate a salamander, and that we all freak out when they’re photographed without. Sans fards! Natural look! A sign of real human being-ness unsullied by airbrush foundation and caulking sealant! But you know who else wears a ton of makeup, and we never give them shit about taking it off? (Perhaps because they’ve already taken off everything else?) You may not be surprised to discover that porn stars in their daily lives, minus the 17 layers of sweat-proof stage makeup, look nothing like what you see on-screen. In fact, you wouldn’t even recognize them on the street, which is probably a good thing.

An “award-winning makeup artist to the stars” known only as Melissa (or xmelissamakeupx on her Instagram account) took 93 before-and-after photos of the porn stars she tends to, and we learned two things: one, the girls look really pretty without their thick varnish of smoky eyes and heavy bronzer (dare I say, better, though I personally tend to think most women look better with less makeup), and two, this Melissa is one hell of a makeup artist. Check out the after photos of these two girls, plus a few more, after the jump, and the rest of them here via Melissa. [HyperVocal] Keep reading »

Life Is Not Fair: This Is What Kate Moss Looks Without Makeup

Kate Moss Gifs!
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Kate Moss obviously sold her soul for incredibly great skin or something, right? She was spotted Thursday evening sans fards looking drop dead amazing. Between her sun-kissed golden locks, and that skin, Moss might just be the posterchild for how to lead a party lifestyle. After all, most of us would look straight up haggard if we did as much raging as this lady did. And while I might switch out that shaggy dog coat for another, Moss proves that she’s always and forever on top of her game. [Photo: Fame/Flynet] Keep reading »

Woman Spends A Year Makeup Free, Is Actually Happier

Men On Makeup
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"Gatsby" Makeup
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Makeup At The Gym
working out
Do you put makeup on before working out at the gym? Read More »

We live in a time where it’s an actual news story when a woman chooses to forgo makeup for a year, but that’s exactly what 38-year-old Phoebe Baker Hyde did. Baker Hyde was moved to go makeup free when she and her husband moved to Hong Kong, and she noticed that not only was she surrounded by appearance-obsessed women, but she too had fallen under the beauty industry’s spell.

“I had become a nervous, critical, angry, insecure woman,” she said. “I was not the woman or the role model I wanted to be, especially in front of a big-eyed baby daughter. I was at war with the world around me and at war with myself — the only self I had.” Keep reading »

12 Stars Without Makeup

In these days of ever-present paparazzi, iPhone cameras, and oh, the entire Internet, a huge part of being a celeb is looking like one. Your life is in the public eye, so it goes without saying that the pressure is on, even when you’re off-duty. Fortunately, these 12 stars have nothing to worry about: they look just as beautiful bare-faced as they do all dolled up. Don’t believe us? See for yourself in the gallery above!

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Gwen On Makeup
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