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“Bachelor Pad” Recap: Ed’s Dream, Our Nightmare

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"Bach Pad" Recap
Ed's dream come true!

SPOILERS galore! This week’s “Pad” challenge was called “Hanging By A Thread”, a fitting description for my interest in the show. I hate to say this, but “Bachelor Pad” is about as dead to me as Rachel is to Jaclyn after she eliminates her and they are no longer “best friends.” I’m sorry if I spoiled anything for you. Another best friendship RUINED by “Bachelor Pad.” But before Jaclyn and Ed are sent motoring in the reject limo, Ed has the opportunity to make his “dream come true” by doing a live performance of one of his “favorite” songs from his “running mix” — “Sister Christian” by Night Ranger. It soon turns into a nightmare for us all. But the kind that’s super fun to laugh about together. Shall we do that? Guaranteed laughs after the jump. Keep reading »

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