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Cheapskate: Newport News

Newport News is one of those not so hip stores that sometimes manages to get featured in hipper magazines like Lucky, but still remains off people’s radar. It’s kind of a Forever 21 for women in their late 30s and older. But! You can always find something that’s on trend that isn’t a blatant designer knockoff, especially sweaters, tunics, and sheath dresses. Also, it’s way cheap. See what inexpensive items I found after the jump.

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Cheapskate: Real Ladies Shop At Newport News

If you like demure pencil skirts and classic pumps, you’ll love Newport News, the catalog/online retailer that always seems to be having sale! And if you’re attending a wedding, there lots of appropriate dresses, including this black one with pyramid beads at the waist. Personally, I’m a big fan of Newport News’ round toe pumps, which are just $28 each (subtract $8 if you buy two pairs) — good luck deciding which of the 12 colors to get. Keep reading »

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