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3 Reasons The New York City Marathon Should Be Cancelled

Mayor Michael Bloomberg is facing bitter criticism over his decision to hold the New York City Marathon as scheduled on Sunday, just days after Hurricane Sandy devastated much of Gotham. Nowhere was the outrage more palpable than in Staten Island. That’s the borough where the massive, world-famous race will start, and it’s also the part of the city that took the brunt of the superstorm’s fury. Residents — many of whom have lost their homes and businesses and gone days without electricity and water — are complaining that they’re being forgotten. Staten Island Councilman James Oddo said it was “idiotic” to stage the ING Marathon while people still need to be rescued in the hard-hit South Shore area. He’s urging Bloomberg to cancel the marathon. The mayor says going ahead with the race is critical to the economy, and will show the city’s resilience without sapping resources needed for the recovery. Here, three reasons he might want to change his mind and call off the event… Keep reading »

New Yorkers Rail Against Marathon Plans

As New Yorkers pick up the pieces in Sandy’s wake, they’re tearing something else to pieces: the city’s plan to hold Sunday’s New York City Marathon as scheduled. Outrage has been growing since Mayor Bloomberg’s green-light announcement on Wednesday. Here’s why:

  • The starting point: As the Atlantic Wire explains, the race is slotted to kick off in Staten Island, which has been particularly hard-hit and is dealing with some pretty awful tragedies. “We are still taking people out of the water and we’re supposed to spruce up the parks for a race?” Rep. Michael Grimm told the Staten Island Advance. Read more…

The Daily Squeeze: Brothel Business, A Risque Running Outfit, And A Bachelorette Breakup

  • Even brothels are seeing a decrease in business due to the economic recession. [LA Times]
  • A 27-year-old man from Great Britain ran the New York Marathon on Sunday wearing a Borat-style neon green bathing suit. We bet he had some serious rubbing thanks to the thong banana hammock. [Gothamist]
  • Keep reading »

    Katie Holmes Free-Boobs It

    Katie Holmes — wife of Tom, mother of Suri, robot for Scientology — rocked the New York City Marathon this weekend, finishing in just over 5 hours. [Note: Our very own Catherine ran the race too and actually beat Katie's time. Yay! Also, Catherine did wear a bra. Double yay!] We would applaud her amazing athleticism and silently scold our own laziness, except we’re too focused on the fact that she apparently did it without a bra. Not good for the ta-tas Mrs. Cruise! [Just Jared] Keep reading »

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