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New Year’s Fun: Confettisystem’s Pinatas And Urban Outfitters Collab

They say New Year’s Eve is always a letdown, so why not let your guests take out their frustration at the party? Check out Confettisystem’s sparkly pinatas, which double as decorations and party activities. The only thing is that these designer pinatas are pricey ($135 each), so if you’re up for the splurge, why not take a whack?

Luckily, Confettisystem has teamed up with Urban Outfitters to make a cheaper holiday line (design for the masses!) which includes packets of confetti and twisted metallic tree ornaments. Unfortunately, we came too late to snatch up one of the $28 pinatas — they just sold out online — but there might still be a few at your local Urban branch. Don’t forget the blindfold! [Confettisystem.Bigcartel.com, Urban Outfitters] Keep reading »

The New Year Is Almost Here

You best get crackin’ on completing those 2009 resolutions, because the “10,” as in 2010, has already been installed and tested in preparation for the New Year’s Eve ball drop ceremony in Times Square. [12/16/2009, New York City] Keep reading »

Poll: Did You Get Your Smooch On Last Night?

Post-New Year’s Eve Crafts

If you drank a lot of bubbly last night (I know I did), you probably have a few empty bottles lying around your apartment. While you’re getting over your hangover today, make a mini chair by following the instructions provided by Instructables, or glue Champagne bottle crown caps to magnets for chic refrigerator adornments. Keeping your hands busy should distract you from that throbbing head. Keep reading »

Happy New Year!

How Will You Use This Year’s Extra Second?

Because earth’s rotation is slowing ever so slightly, an extra second is being added to 2008 so the sun continues to be at its highest point around noon. How will you make the most of this extra second? We have are a few suggestions…

1. Take an extra sip of champagne.
2. Make eye contact with the hot dude across the bar.
3. Lick your lips.
4. Slip someone the tongue.
5. Jump for joy.
6. Blink.
7. Smile.
8. Pop the cork on another bottle of Champagne.
9. Text a friend (okay, this might take longer than a second).
10. Sigh — you’ve made it through another year! Keep reading »

iPhones Can Save You From Drunk Dialing

Before you go out and get sauced on this New Year’s Eve and risk drunk dialing, drunk texting, or worse, there are a few applications you may want to download to your iPhone. A Sacramento writer volunteers his liver and sipping skills to test four sobriety apps. After the jump, find out which one is best for you. Keep reading »

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