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New Ghost-Like Octopus Discovered 4,000 Meters Under The Sea

Scientists recently came upon a brand new ghost-like octopus species on the floor of the Pacific Ocean near the Hawaiian Islands.

The machine that discovered this little fella is called the Deep Discoverer, a deep-diving robot that travels with National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration’s Okeanos Explorer.

The robot was able to go… More »

Unbelievably Adorable New Species Of Rat Discovered


Today’s Lady News: Earth Day Edition!

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The New Monkey Breed Looks Freakishly Like Messed Up Artwork

You might have heard that scientists discovered a new breed of monkey in the Democratic Republic of Congo, one of which was apparently being kept in captivity by a local schoolteacher like it was no big deal. You might have also heard about a woman in Spain who attempted to restore a 19th century fresco… More »