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What Are Your Springtime Resolutions?

Winter sucks. It’s officially over now, I know, but I’ve found myself thinking about its long dark days now that I’ve been enjoying my comfortable outdoor freedom. I’ve been stopping to smell the flowers (magnolias and not roses yet, it’s true, but the point of the saying remains!). I read a book on my porch, about Shakespeare’s post-mortem rise to fame! Suddenly, I find myself slipping out of grumpy carbohydrate hibernation and building up plans and goals. Which got me thinking … what’s with New Year’s resolutions anyway? You make them at the coldest and unfriendliest time of the year. No sooner have you resolved to run a mile then the skies dump a blizzard on you — so back inside you go. I propose a revolution. A springtime resolutions revolution! Keep reading »

Poll: Do You Check People Out At The Gym?

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Mind Of Man: My New Year’s Resolution

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, I suggest aiming low. Reach for your shoelaces, not the stars. For instance, this year, I resolve to eat more donuts. Crullers, coconut, apple and spice. I can handle this and am fairly confident that come next year, I will be able to look at my fat face in the mirror and wheeze to myself, “Good job!” When I aim low, I am never disappointed. Sometimes, I aim even lower, like resolving to wear pants or use electricity. All of these achievements are possible. You know what’s probably not possible? Running a marathon, learning to speak Chinese, and becoming an astronaut all in the next 12 months.

There’s a fine line between resolutions and prayer. In both instances, you hope someone is listening. Be it Morgan Freeman, Zeus, or That Thinner, Healthier, More Successful You who’s been curled up dormant in your guts your whole life, waiting for a chance to burst out of you like a spring-loaded alien. Better yet, resolve not to resolve anything. Be Zen. Let life happen to you. A surfer can’t make her own waves; she has to wait for them. Then it’s up to her to know what to do with them when they show up. Keep reading »

Frisky Staff Members’ New Year’s Style Resolutions

Every year we promise ourselves that things will be different in the months to come. “This year,” we say, hands in the air, in a triumphant sort of gesture, “I will say no to the chain smoking, late nights and that entire box of donuts. I will read! I will go back to yoga! Three times a week!” Then, no sooner has the first week of January come and gone before we’re back on our asses simultaneously smoking and consuming said entire box of donuts for no particular reason. So this year, screw it. Instead of countless personal vows that will fall by the wayside within weeks, we’re going to make some sartorial promises we can actually keep.

Personally, I plan to flat-out stop buying high-waisted, puffy skirts in favor of a more fitted variety. I’ve recently started wearing pencil skirts more often and pretty much everyone I know seems to think I’ve lost 20 pounds, prompting the switch as well as vague concern that all of my friends are incapable of discerning between a voluminous skirt and a disproportionately large ass. But I digress. Take the jump for New Year’s clothing resolutions from the rest of The Frisky staff, and join us for an increasingly stylish 2010! Keep reading »

Write Your Six-Word 2010 Resolution

Remember ages ago (over a year ago, actually — ancient history in the online world!), we invited you to write your six-word memoirs along with us? Smith Magazine, the people behind the phenomenon of the six-word memoir had just released a book, and this month they’ve got something new up their sleeves. From now until December 24th, they’re running a six-word resolution contest, saying: “Tell us your plans, hopes, dreams, motivations and mistakes you hope not to repeat in 2010 in just six words.” After the jump, check out the Frisky Staff’s six-word resolutions for 2010 and then leave your own in the comments!

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New Year’s Resolution Check-In

We have reached the halfway point of 2009. Can you believe it? Back in January, Amelia, Simcha, and I posted our New Year’s resolutions on The Frisky. How are we doing? Let’s check in. Keep reading »

10 Ways To Be Unproductive In The New Year

It’s already two weeks into the New Year, and people are still being all motivated and productive and infuriatingly resolved. One friend is detoxing with her boyfriend, while another is spending five hours a week volunteering for Unicef. Another is playing the piano at his local nursing home, and yet another has upped her hours at work, in an attempt to snag a promotion. And then there’s your co-worker, who has stopped using credit cards, and can therefore no longer accompany you to Banana Republic after work. How insufferable! At a time when everyone is toiling and laboring and spending 40 minutes a day on the elliptical machine, isn’t it time you made a promise to yourself to be…unproductive? More after the jump… Keep reading »

Girl Talk: Go Ahead, Go For Your Crush

Okay, real talk. This isn’t exactly the happy-ending story I’d like it to be, but I’ve got to share with you the details of my recent fantasy crush cum real mini-relationship, if only to encourage everyone to buck up and make some moves in the new year.

Have you ever seen a guy working in a store you frequent, and developed a massive crush on him? Er…I have! For the past eight months, I’ve been completely smitten with a guy who works at my local bookstore. I’ll admit the crush had become a bit extreme; I’d spent over a hundred bucks on books and befriended the entire security staff in an effort to work up the nerve to talk to this dude. Why? Because he was, hands-down, the hottest guy I’d ever seen. Also, anytime we’d spoken, (i.e. “Did you find everything, okay?”) I thought it was obvious that we’d have a real connection. Clearly, things were getting serious. I’d even started setting aside Chris Brown during my sexytime fantasies, and thinking of bookstore boy. So, eight months after the inception of the mega-crush, I introduced myself. Keep reading »

Sarah Haskins Wants Your New Year’s Diet To Suck It

Supposedly, if I were to cut out soda from my diet, I would lose 15 lbs. But I don’t want to lose 15 lbs. and especially not at the expense of my Diet Coke addiction — Current’s Sarah Haskins feels my pain. In her first 2009 installment of “Target Women,” she takes New Year’s diet resolutions to task. Like swapping your favorite unhealthy snacks for healthier options — like a fifth of whiskey instead of a sick pack of beer! Her new fad diet proposal at the end is hilarious — but could get you an ear infection. Whatever it takes to be skinny! Keep reading »

Woman Sets Her Site On a Husband

Picture this: You’re single, you’re 42, and you’re determined to get a husband this year. But just how far would you go to meet your soul mate? Would you let the whole world know you are actively seeking out a life-long mate? That’s what 42-year-old Neenah Pickett is doing. She publicly announced she was looking for a man to put a ring on it, by creating a website called 52Weeks2FindHim.com. The site is completely devoted to her conquest to find a husband before the end of 2009. Pickett blogs daily, pondering about having children and reminding herself how amazing she is. She describes herself as a media consultant from New Jersey who’s religious and has an adventurous spirit. In order to find Mr. Right, Pickett plans to go on as many dates as possible. Even though we’re only a few days into 2009, she already has dates lined up, having received more than 100 emails from guys since the site launched.

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