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Now Nev Schulman’s Chest Hair Can Be Mine (Sort Of)

Now Nev Schulman's Chest Hair Can Be Mine (Sort Of)

I’ve been sweating Nev Schulman since I saw “Catfish” (the movie), and my crush only grew once the TV show inspired by the film debuted on MTV. (A Frisky staffer referred to him as an “emotional vampire,” but I disagree!) In case you live under a rock, “Catfish” (the movie) was a documentary made by Nev’s brother and friend about an online romance Nev developed with a woman who turned out not to exist, exactly. The TV show follows Nev has he helps regular folks meet their alleged virtual lovers in real life, although 99.9 percent of the time, they too turn out not to be who they said they are. Anyway, whatever, I’m totally hot for Nev and just the other night, as I was watching the latest episode of “Catfish” (WTF was Ramon thinking, am I right?!), I tweeted, “If @NevSchulman was my boyfriend I would never want him to do any manscaping,” referring of course to Nev’s impressive — and sexy! — thatch of chest fur. Chances are pretty good that Nev is never going to be my boyfriend, which is why I was stoked to discover that he made T-shirts with his own chest hair design on them. They appear to no longer be on sale, but I’m hoping Nev will see this post and send me one. For my next real boyfriend, obvs. [Buzzfeed]

A Jury Will Decide If “Catfish” Was A Hoax

Even though the filmmakers and producers claimed that the movie “Catfish” was NOT a hoax, the question still lingered in people’s minds. After seeing the film and having endless discussions with friends—mostly about how hot Nev is—I feel confident that the film was really, really real. But not everyone agrees with me about the film’s authenticity, even after the Ariel and Nev Schulman and Henry Joost addressed the issue on “20/20.” Well, soon we will know for sure if “Catfish” was a ruse due to a lawsuit being brought against the film. Warning: spoilers after the jump. Keep reading »

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