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Frisky Rant: Dispatches From A Die-Hard Duke Fan

If you see me today, you’ll notice that I look a tad bit beaten down. This is partly because I am sick. But it is also because last night’s NCAA championship game was, in a word, stressful. For two hours, the Duke University Blue Devils battled it out with the Butler Bulldogs. Duke was the #1 seed, the team overdetermined to win it all. Butler, however, was hot off a 25-game winning streak and amped after pulling off some stunning upsets in the tournament. The fact that their campus was less than five miles from the arena where the championship game was held only seemed to light their fire even more. While Duke kept eeking out small leads throughout the game, they were clearly thrown off their game and the momentum clearly seemed to be on Butler’s side. Until the last moment, as Butler’s final shot ricocheted off the rim and Duke won by a mere two points, the game was a true nail biter. Seriously, yesterday afternoon, my nails were long. Now they are gross nubs.

See, I am a huge, colossal, royal-blue loving, devil horn-wearing Duke fan. Keep reading »

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