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Body Dysmorphic Disorder Claims The Life Of 24-Year-Old Man

Body Dysmorphic Disorder
One woman's experience battling this disorder. Read More »
Mirror, Mirror
A size zero's lament on the changing body "ideal." Read More »
Mirror, Mirror
One study says men are more vain than women. Read More »
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Body dysmrophic disorder (BDD) is typically thought of as a problem affecting women, but men also suffer from the disease. Nathaniel Asselin, of Cheyney, Pennsylvania, was one of those sufferers. “A shaving nick or a small blemish, or even just a bump under the skin would keep him in front of the mirror for hours, applying small pieces of Band aid to cover up the marks,” said his mother Judy. 

Nathaniel spent hours and hours staring in the mirror, poking at pores and worriedly examining non-existent imperfections.  Starting in the fifth grade, he began missing school, too tormented by his perceived imperfections to get out of bed. Keep reading »

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