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12 Signs You Love Napping More Than Anything Else In Life (In GIFs!)

12 Signs You Love Napping More Than Anything Else In Life

Screw what everyone else says. When I’m lying on my death bed, I am going to remember the naps I’ve taken. And you want to know why? Because I’ve taken some pretty solid naps. Sleep is amazing. I could do it all day. You get to do nothing — for hours — and yet it’s still so rewarding. Here are 12 signs you love to sleep way too much (in GIFs!). Read more on College Candy…

Why You Should Nap After Coffee


Debating between a cup of joe or a short nap to make it through your Friday? Perhaps you should try both. Scientists say a “coffee nap”—having a coffee and then a 20-minute nap—will allow for maximum alertness when you wake, Vox reports. Yes, caffeine and sleep are basically polar opposites, but it takes about 20 minutes for the caffeine in coffee to go to work in your brain. There’s more to it than simply killing those 20 minutes, though. It has to do with how sleep and caffeine interact with a molecule in the brain called adenosine, which makes us feel drowsy. Essentially, a nap that ends just as the caffeine kicks in clears the brain of the molecule and has us raring to go. Read more on Newser…

Tokyo Now Has A Nap Cafe For Ladies On The Go

You know that mid-afternoon feeling when you’d give anything to be curled up in your bed? Someone’s found a brilliant way to economize on that with pay-by-the-minute beds solely for the purpose of napping. Tokyo’s Nap Cafe Corne was designed for on-the-go upper-middle-class women to take naps in the midst of long, busy days.

For a $1.80 (150 yen) per 10 minutes, a cozy twin-sized bed with a cutesy canopy is yours, as well as a choices of pillows to best suit your taste. The cafe also offers make-up and changing rooms, snacks, and a kitchen. Customers who don’t want to wrinkle their clothes are offered a fresh set of clothes. At night, the cafe transforms into a karaoke lounge – even better. Can someone bring these to New York City please? I can’t imagine a better way to unwind on those chilly, frenzied days when your bed seems so very far away. [Gizmodo]

The Ostrich Pillow Light Is The Solution To All Your Naptime Needs

Ostrich Pillow Light

Any time is a great time to take a nap, I always say, but the best time for a nap is while traveling. Unless you’re flying that plane or drivin’ that train, transit makes the perfect opportunity to conk out for a while, so long as you’re sure to nestle your purse securely beneath your arm. But with all of the lights, sounds, and distractions created by those other people, the ones who just don’t know the value of a good nap, it can be something of a challenge to drift off. Fear not, fellow frequent nappers: the Ostrich Pillow Light has got us covered. From the makers of the original Ostrich Pillow, a fantastic invention that is only a little cumbersome given its 50-pound weight and completely conspicuous design, the Light is smaller, sleeker, and overall more ergonomical. It mutes all sound around you, adjusts to the size of your head, and doubles as a super-soft scarf. Serious question: what more could anyone want out of anything, ever? [Refinery29]

I Think You Need An Ostrich Pillow

Lochte's Nap
This is picture of Ryan Lochte napping. Read More »
Snazzy Napper
The answer to the Snuggie. Watch »
Fancy Nap Gear
Napping is dangerous, wear a helmet

Technically, this is called The Ostrich Pillow. I prefer to call it a nap helmet. I want you to have it, because no matter how exhausted I am, I’m physically incapable of napping. But I fully support your power nap. Plus, you’ll look really silly wearing it so I can laugh at you when you sleep.

“We spend many hours working all day and sleep is an essential part of our day. So I thought why not create a product that can help us unwind at work … I think it’s a useful product that makes you smile whenever you see it,” said Ali Ganjavian, the inventor. When designing the 50-pound luxury pillow, the 33-year-old was inspired by the way ostriches bury their heads in the sand. Just put the pillow on and you are ready to nap anywhere. No worries about suffocating, there’s a breathing hole and arm rest “shelters” if you should choose to snooze on a hard surface.

If you purchase one of these please let me know how all that napping goes. Oh, and send a picture of you wearing it. [Daily Mail UK]

New Life Goal: Take A Leisurely Nap At IKEA

If you’ve ever been to IKEA, you’ve probably wandered into one of the elaborately staged bedrooms or living rooms, plopped down on a bed or couch and pretended–if just for a moment–that you lived there. In China, IKEA customers are taking this idea to a whole new level: they kick off their shoes, tuck themselves in, and take long, leisurely naps right there in the store. Apparently this has been a normal occurrence since the furniture chain first opened in China, but it gained worldwide attention after a blogger snapped photos of people catching Z’s in a Nanjing IKEA. Click through to check out the pics, but be warned: you will totally want to snuggle into a reasonably priced bed for a nap afterwards… [Oddity Central]

IKEA House
Now you can live in a scene from 500 Days of Summer. Read More »
Snazzy Napper
The answer to the Snuggie. Watch »
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