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That’s A Lot Of Look: Nanette Lepore Wears All The Colors

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Here’s designer Nanette Lepore at an NYC screening of “The Hunger Games” earlier this week (in theaters at midnight, you guys!), wearing an eye-catching combination of neons and pastels. I can only assume she took her fashion cues from the colorful residents of The Capitol, and if so, I must salute her for her commitment to bringing the book to life.

Why Everyone In NYC Wants To Dress Like A Waitress Now

While the most recent workplace drama has been about American Apparel‘s refusal to hire employees with “off-brand” style, there’s one place some might want to work just for the required uniform. At NYC’s swank Thompson Hotel, waitresses’ workwear consists of a sexy Nanette Lepore design. The body-hugging black cocktail dress features spaghetti straps and a boob-centric neck line, suggestive zippers all around, and an open back. Apparently, the dress is so hot, hotel clients have been asking where they can purchase one. Which, come to think of it, might point to a major downside of the attention-grabbing item—you want it to be an outfit you work at a nighttime venue, not a uniform you work in. We suppose it all depends on the woman who wears it.

What do you think—would working in such a sexy and trendy garment be your living hell? Or designer heaven? [Blackbook] Keep reading »

Two-Toned Lips At Nanette Lepore

The beauty at Nanette Lepore’s fall 2010 show was inspired by women in Renaissance paintings, but makeup artist Makky’s two-toned lips look anything but old-fashioned. He applied MAC Cosmetics’ MAC PRO lipstick in Charred Red, a dark burgundy, to the bottom lip. Then, he put Odyssey, a bright fuchsia, on the top. While Makky doesn’t recommend wearing this out on the street as-is, he suggested using two different (but not quite this different) colors for a similar effect. Just make sure to put the darker color on the bottom lip, because otherwise, he told us, your top lip will look thin. Good to know. Keep reading »

Nanette Lepore Tees Make Us Happy

Everyone loves a good T-shirt. And who doesn’t adore rocking a diffusion line? Now, thanks to Nanette Lepore, we have both. This spring, the designer will launch Oonagh, a line full of tees and tunics which will retail for $58 – $178. Sure, the name’s a bit hard to digest (it means “pure” in Scottish), but the styles are simple and easy to wear, while still managing to provide distinct details like cutouts and crisscross patterns. You might say the price range is a bit high for tees, but we’re already imagining living in these items come spring, which means that the cash you’ll shell out will be way worth it in the long run. More after the jump! [Nylon] Keep reading »

Hats On Or Hats Off

“Woman who love to play with fantasy are naturally disposed to a hat,” explains Alison Waters, a hat-wearer who lives in Melbourne, Australia. “A hat makes you feel marvelous and lifts your mood instantly. It’s an accessory that completes everything, not just the face.” In fact, Alison never leaves the house without one of her 160 hats atop her head. This Sunday is Easter (if you celebrate), and the only day that might be more associated with hats might be the Kentucky Derby. While wearing a hat is no longer a requirement in society — the only time I wear a hat is when I go to a baseball game or when it’s chilly outside — designers are still putting hats on the runway, season after season. If you’re planning on sporting a bonnet this Sunday, check out some options after the jump, and let us know whether you’d wear them in the comments. Keep reading »

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