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Full Disclosure: What Our Names Reveal

What’s in a name? Plenty, at least if you care about race, socioeconomic status, and educational background. That’s according to Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner, whose chapter in their best-selling Freakonomics, “Perfect Parenting, Part II; or: Would a Roshanda by Any Other Name Smell as Sweet?” examines the socioeconomic patterns of naming children from the 1960s to today. In typical style, Levitt and Dubner look to answer the question beyond the question; most statistics about naming are about observing trends, but what does it really mean for a name to be popular? Keep reading »

Beware If Your Name Begins With The Letter “D”

I know this sounds like some kind of title for a bad horror film, but scientists have discovered that the letter your name begins with can actually affect your lifespan. A study done at Wayne State University looked at the life spans of 10,000 people and concluded that those people whose names began with the letter “D” had a shorter average life span. Even weirder? People whose names started with the letter “A” (that’s me!!) tended to outlive the “D’s” by an average of 10 years. How could this be possible? Psychologists theorize that the “D” peeps feel crappier about themselves because the letter “D” is often associated with academic failure. Consequently, their poor self-esteem makes them more susceptible to illness. Whereas the “A” peeps tend to think they’re the awesomest. I wonder what the deal is with people whose names being with the letter “F”? I shudder to think. My condolences to Deborah, Daniel, Danielle, Dawn, Donald, etc. [Asylum] Keep reading »

The Top 10 Hottest Bad Boy Names

A new study published in The Social Science Quarterly completely backs up Johnny Cash’s story in ”A Boy Named Sue.” As it turns out, calling your baby boy something uncommon, unpopular, or feminine will most definitely “increase the tendency toward juvenile delinquency.” There’s a greater chance he’ll wind up in the slammer … or playing “Indiana Jones” like Shia LaBeouf.

While the Shippensburg University researchers proved that a girlie-named guy will be forced to be a fighter, at least on the playground, on the upside, rebels eventually make delicious man candy! Am I right, ladies? So, to help you on your hunt for the sexiest piece of ass, here are the top ten names that separate the men from the bad boys, after the jump… Keep reading »

Can A Guy’s Name Be A Dealbreaker?

TheBabyWebsite.com has released what are considered to be Britain’s most unfortunate baby names. Seymour Butts and Ivana Tinkle aren’t on the list, but some of the names include Mary Christmas, Paige Turner, and Doug Hole. Isn’t this a form of child abuse? Anyway, this got the Frisky girls and I talking about what we’d do if a we were interested in or were dating had an unusual or horrible name. Would you be too embarrassed to even tell your friends you were dating a guy with, say, the last name “Hymen”? Would you even give the dude a chance? After the jump, the list of guy names that are potential dealbreakers. .

Keep reading »

Poll: Will You Change Your Name When You Get Married?

When I was a lot, lot younger, I used to think I would make my husband take my name; My dad would say, “Good luck finding a guy who’s willing to give up his last name!” I don’t feel that way anymore, but I don’t think there’s a good solution. The best I’ve heard is what Jay Mohr is doing. Last week, he petitioned to add his wife Nikki Cox’s last name to his own as a two-year wedding anniversary gift. So, his name will be Jon Ferguson Cox Mohr. [Mohr Cox would have been better. -- Editor] Thoughts? [E Online] Keep reading »

Go Ahead, Name Your Wang!

For as long as penises have existed, guys — and their girlfriends — have bestowed names on their best buds. In fact, I’m pretty sure back in the caveman era, popular dick-names were Harry, Larry and Bob. These days, however, the naming process has gotten a modern twist. A new website, NameYourWang.com, the first and only site devoted to, well, naming one’s wang, now makes it possible to register the name of a penis and receive a “Certificate of Authenticity” of ownership, too. Think of it like the pervy version of naming a star: just as corny, but maybe a bit more tongue-in-cheek, and at $14.50, less than 1/3 the price of cheapest star package. Just in case anyone’s wondering, I checked and “RuPaul” is still available. Keep reading »

Dogs As Family

Dogs are becoming such a big part of people’s lives that once-popular names for pets (Spot, for example) have been abandoned in favor of more human names, at least when it comes to female dog names. According to research by Veterinary Pet Insurance, the most popular female names are Bella, Molly, and Lucy (full list after the jump). The top 10 male dog names, on the other hand, includes names that I wouldn’t consider naming a son, i.e., Buddy, Rocky, and Buster. My dog’s name is Guinness (that’s him in the photo), which is certainly not a human name. With the female dog names, I kind of wonder whether women are naming their pets what they had once intended to name their own offspring. [USA Today] Keep reading »

Friday Quickies!

  • We thought Pilot Inspektor was a bad baby name. Parents in Venezuela are fond of naming their tots after superheros like Batman and Superman. [Mental Floss]
  • Well now we know he’s not the one going gay on Gossip Girl (spoiler alert!) [Just Jared]
  • Should you steer clear of lube that contains silicone? [Dear Sugar]
  • If you’ve had your pillow longer than 16 months, get a new one. Even if it has the perfect mush level. [Washington Post]
  • Were you born breech (feet first)? Your babies are twice as likely to be born that way. [HealthDay]
  • Men’s magazines might be just as psychologically harmful to readers’ body image as women’s magazines are. [BBC] Keep reading »
  • The Name Game

    While celebrities are naming their kids after foods and boroughs of New York City, just to make them unique, they should think twice according to a new academic survey. “Traditional names with royal associations are viewed as highly successful and intelligent, and so parents hoping for successful offspring might want to avoid more unusual names,” said Professor Wiseman, who conducted the social experiment in the U.K. According to his findings, names make a strong statement and both men and women succumb to their subtext. It may be judgmental, but so are first impressions. I once wouldn’t go out with a guy because his name was Ralph. I’m just sayin’, if your mama didn’t love you enough to name you right, then what hope is there for us?! Not that a Simcha can talk, but if you want to see how your first name ranks in luck, looks, and livelihood according to the study, click here. [Daily Mail U.K.] Keep reading »

    Poll: Who’s Got The Hottest Name On The Playground?

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