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Miley Cyrus Is Naked With Strategically Placed Soap Bubbles In V Magazine (NSFW)

Good morning and happy hump day! Here is a post that will likely get tons of traffic because of the first four words of that headline! If you think I’m posting this photo of Miley Cyrus in V for any other reason, I appreciate getting more credit than is due! Although I would be curious what brand of bubble bath Miley uses, as it looks quite frothy and as a rock star bather, I might like to try it. (If you want to see Miley’s nips for the millionth time, they’re uncensored after the jump.) [Defamer] Keep reading »

Tara Reid Spent New Year’s Eve Naked & Badly Photoshopping Her Waistline

I like Tara Reid. I think she’s fun. Girl just wants to be tan and party and let her nip slip, is that so wrong? Sure, she hasn’t really evolved since her heyday playing ditzy blondes in the “American Pie” movies and “Josie and the Pussycats,” but when you’re able to make a decent living by simply being Tara Reid, and being Tara Reid basically just involves being tan and partying and nip-slipping, why would you change a thing? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, as they say. Keep reading »

Well, We’ve Seen Kim Kardashian’s Whole Kit And Kaboodle Now (NSFW)

Has the internet broken yet? Am I writing this post or do I just think I’m writing this post, but I’m not, because the internet is broken thanks to Kim Kardashian’s vagina? Confused. NSFW images after the jump…. [Paper Mag] Keep reading »

Ariana Grande Denies Those Nude Photos Are Hers In The Worst Way Possible

Ariana Grande Denies Those Nude Photos Are Hers In The Worst Way Possible
Nude Photos Leak
jennifer lawrence nudes
Alleged naked photos of dozens of female celebs hit the web. Read More »

This weekend, that gang of super nerdy misogynists at 4chan posted nude photos allegedly hacked from a variety of female celebrities’ phones and hard drives, and claimed to have hundreds of others ready to be released. Jennifer Lawrence’s rep has confirmed the authenticity of the photos of the actress and threatened to sue anyone who publishes them, while other celebs like Victoria Justice have denied that the leaked nude photos are real. Also issuing a denial? Ariana Grande. There were a couple photos allegedly of Grande in a state of undress among the handful posted online this weekend, and the singer was quick to deny their authenticity — but she did it in the shittiest way possible, tweeting “my lil ass is cuter than that.” Because lord knows the most productive way of denying the authenticity of stolen nude photos is to body snark the woman in them, herself a victim of this grotesque invasion of property. Considering my feelings about Ariana’s brother Frankie, a houseguest on this season of “Big Brother,” I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that being awful runs in the family. [Bustle]

Rihanna Won A CFDA Award In The (Almost) Nude

Rihanna Won A CFDA Award In The (Almost) Nude

You know, I gotta say, I think Rihanna looks incredible, but I hate the way the thong she’s wearing looks in front. It looks like those control-top Spanx panties. Like, either I don’t want to see the thong at all, or I want it to be skimpier. These panties look like what every bridesmaid has got under her too-small body-con dress. Otherwise? DAT ASS. Flawless. [Photos: Getty] Keep reading »

ICYMI: James Franco Posted This Solemn Nude Selfie To Instagram Last Night

James Franco Nude Selfie

And then promptly deleted it, but not before thousands of people, including myself, took a screenshot. The internet never forgets, Franco. (“Jump rope”? Puh-lease.)

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