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The Daily Squeeze: Soy May Be OK, Bad Bras, And Animal Sex

  • Concerned about yesterday’s negative press, the Soyfoods Association of America sent out a press release saying that soy doesn’t actually lower sperm count. [Newswise]
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    Sex In Design/Design In Sex At The Museum Of Sex

    The word “Lapjuicer” is not in most people’s vocabularies, but it should be. Essentially, a Lapjuicer is a stool on which someone can perform a lap dance on piece fruit (an orange or lemon would work nicely) and juice it simultaneously. Quite genius, really. The Lapjuicer, designed by 3eyes, is one of many intriguing products on display in Sex in Design/Design in Sex, which opens today at New York’s Museum of Sex. The exhibit features sex toys through history (some made with horse hair), merkins (originally worn by sex workers following outbreaks of lice or syphilis), and beautifully designed everyday products by Karim Rashid and other designers that conjure up sexual images. Consider this a chance to round out your education.

    Sex in Design/Design in Sex continues through April 2008. [Museum of Sex]
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