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How To Juggle More Than One Lover

You’ve got a whole lot of love and you want to give it away to every Tom, Dick and Mary! While swinging around town, perking up your love life with new stud muffins sounds oh-so-sexy, there are some pitfalls of passion that could ruin the relationship you’ve already got going on. Loving more than one person at a time, or polyamory, is an exciting lifestyle, but you’ve got to make sure you’re not living too dangerously. You have to look out for jealousy, fear and, of course, number one. So, here are some tips on how to juggle multiple partners and safely share your fun lovin’ attitude about sex after the jump….

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun On Vacation

Young British women like to have fun when they go on vacation. According to a poll of 2,000 women with an average age of 25, a quarter cheated while they were away. The men surveyed were no different, and the same amount said they cheated while on holiday, as well, so it really doesn’t matter whether you’re a guy or a girl, vacations make you want to do stuff you wouldn’t normally do. Like have lots of sex. The women said they went on an average of three vacations a year and had sex an average of three times a day, and one in six had had a fling with three or more men! How do they find the time to do that and lay out by the pool? [The Daily Mail, U.K.] Keep reading »

Chimpanzees That Scream Are Doing It With Lesser Males

If your neighbor keeps you up with her loud lovemaking, no worries, there may be absolutely no reason to envy her sex life. See, scientists studied chimpanzee “copulation calls” and discovered that the females who made lots of noise were more concerned with bagging as many males as possible, no matter what their status, rather than getting with the most important men in the bunch. The gals who were mating with the strong males often kept quiet so as not to let their rivals know what was going on. This seems comparable to the girl with the hottest boyfriend not feeling the need to brag about having a hunk on her arm. The fact that she’s with the studliest guy around is enough of a statement. Well, that and her perfect hair. [Metro.co.uk] Keep reading »

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