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Watch! Our Picks For Best & Worst Dressed At The 2013 MTV VMAs!

The 2013 MTV VMAs -- Our Picks For Best & Worst Dressed
Our Best & Worst Dressed!

The MTV VMAs have come and gone, but our memories of the terrible outfits and criminally bad hair live on. We sat down with our friends over at Celebuzz and Vibe Vixen to dish on the best and worst looks of the night, and what exactly was up with Miley Cyrus’s hair. Take a look, and then tell us which looks you loved and hated in the comments.

Miley & Robin At The VMAs!
What WAS that? Let's revisit (in GIFs)! Read More »
Bored Rihanna at the VMAs
Is bored by everything. Read More »
The VMA REd Carpet
All the looks from the 2013 VMAs Read More »

So That’s Who Robin Thicke Was Inspired By At Last Night’s VMAs…

Miley & Robin At The VMAs!
What WAS that? Let's revisit (in GIFs)! Read More »
Robin Thicke's NSFW Vid
robin thicke blurred lines
It's got nipples, lambs and Pharrel. Read More »
MTV VMA Drinking Game
vma drinking game
Play it! (Responsibly). Read More »
2013 VMA Red Carpet Looks
All the red carpet action! Read More »
So That’s Who Robin Thicke Was Inspired By At Last Night’s VMAs…

Beetlejuice certainly did have a lecherous side too, didn’t he? Lydia (aka Winona Ryder) does not approve. [Facebook]

17 GIFs That Tell You All You Need To Know About Miley Cyrus & Robin Thicke’s MTV VMAs Performance

Watch Their Ridiculous Performance Here!

All anyone can talk about this morning is last night’s MTV Video Music Awards, particularly the performance from Miley Cyrus and Robin Thicke. It was essentially the final nail in the coffin of Miley’s childhood and established Thicke as the music industry’s resident pervy drunk uncle. Let’s review what went down… Keep reading »

Tonight’s VMAs: Live Tweet With The Frisky!

The MTV Video Music Awards are almost here!

To stay on top of what’s happening on the red carpet and during tonight’s show, make sure you’re following @TheFrisky on Twitter, where our resident style guru (and Brooklyn native!) Julie, will be live tweeting.

She’ll be questioning fashion choices, critiquing performances, and like the rest of the world, wondering how it’s possible for JT to be “sippin from your cup ’til it runneth over” … because that shit just doesn’t make sense.

And don’t forget to use the hashtag #TheVMASpin! Tune in at 7 p.m. EST and don’t miss a beat.

The Frisky’s MTV Video Music Awards Drinking Game

vma drinking game
MTV VMAs: WOrst Looks
worst fashion mtv vmas
Check out some of the most terrible fashion at VMAs past. Read More »

Another year, another MTV Video Music Awards show. Oh, the irony. When was, after all, the last time you saw an actual music video played on that channel? Even MTV’s more or less dropped the ruse, no longer referring to themselves as “Music Television.” But still, the VMAs persist. And we love it!

That’s why we’ve created this helpful drinking game, to make sure you don’t miss a moment of the action during tonight’s show. But please, just don’t get, you know, too wasted over Justin Bieber’s career choices.

And follow us on Twitter, too! We’ll be tweeting up a storm — you can follow Amelia (@xoamelia), Julie (@havethehabit), and The Frisky (@TheFrisky) for all your VMA needs!

Guess Who’s Live Tweeting The VMAs For The Frisky?

The MTV Video Music Awards are on Sunday, and we’re watching them the best (and only) way we know how: The Frisky way.

And you’ll never guess who’s live tweeting for us during the show…

Keep reading »

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