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Today’s Lady News: U.S. Not The Best Place In The World For Mothers, Says Study

  • The United States is the 28th best place in the world for mothers and their children, according to Save The Children’s annual report, given our inconsistencies on maternity leave, restrictions on birth control, and maternal mortality rate. Norway, where maternity leave is mandated and birth control is easy to access, clocks in at number one on the Mothers Index, followed by Australia, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The worst offenders on the Mothers Index include Afghanistan, Yemen and Sudan. [USA Today]
  • Sunshine State News video caught Florida State Senator Mike Bennett looking at pornographic photos during a debate on an abortion bill. Sen. Bennett said he was “bored as they were debating the abortion bill,” but said he “clicked away from it right away.” I’m sorry, but a white male politician looking at porn while abortion rights are being debated is just the biggest cliche ever. [My Fox DC]
  • Paris has decided to lift a 1799 rule that forbade women from wearing “trousers” and made any woman who wished to “dress like a man” seek permission from the city’s police station. The French have tried to repeal the bill numerous times, to no avail, but recently 10 MPs submitted a draft bill to remove the no-women-in-pants law entirely. [Telegraph UK]

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Questions For Our Mothers: Amelia’s Mom

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re interviewing our moms to find out how their lives changed when we were born and what they learned about love and life as a parent. Today, Amelia’s mom.

I think I have been truly heartbroken twice in my life. The most recent one was obviously when my relationship with my ex-fiance ended. But the first time my heart broke wasn’t due to a boy. When I went away to college, I was bowled over by the truly unexpected pain of leaving my mother behind. We had always been close, but in my teenage years we fought loads, as teenage girls and their moms tend to do, and I’m sure I shouted, “I can’t wait to get out of this house!” more times than I choose to remember. But when I moved hundreds of miles away to go to school, I missed her so goddamn much. I felt a hole in my heart that I know she shared, which eventually subsided, of course, but I’ll never forget that feeling — it made me realize how much I should and do appreciate and love her. (And, lucky for my brother and me, she recently moved to New York City!) That’s why I was excited to interview my mom, Cheryl Parry, who is a wonderful painter, in addition to being a longtime English as a Second Language (ESL) educator. Keep reading »

Mind Of Man: The Words Mom Wants To Hear

The most important words a son can learn are “everything is fine, mom.” Which isn’t a lie. It’s more of a wish dressed up like the truth. No different, really, than a mother looking down at her chubby son looking up at her through swimming goggles, a towel tied around his neck, and asking if he could one day be a superhero. Was it possible? Did he have her permission? And her saying, “Yes, yes, and yes.” You know those stories about a mother lifting a car to save her child? Such displays of super-strength aren’t that rare. Most mothers carry their hopes and fears for their children on their backs, stooping over from that terrible treasure’s weight. Atlas had it easy. A man should aspire to relieve her of this burden from time to time. Laid off? Heartbroken? Monsters under the bed? Everything is fine. Keep reading »

Dear Wendy: “I Can’t Cope With Mother’s Day”

My boyfriend and I have been together for three years. Everything about our relationship is great, but my boyfriend’s relationship with his mother is strained. They do get along, but it all seems very forced and whenever he goes to visit his parents, I come along to give him the emotional support he seems to need which, under normal circumstances, is fine. However, Mother’s Day is not one of those circumstances. My mother died of cancer four years ago when I was 20 and, unlike my boyfriend and his mom, she and I were VERY close. I have dealt with her death in what I feel is a healthy way and, although I miss her every day, I am not sobbing into my pillows on a daily basis. However, Mother’s Day is a really hard day. I prefer to spend it by myself with a bottle of wine and a box of tissues. The whole day makes my heart ache. When my boyfriend goes to visit his mom on that day, he wants me with him for the usual support and I have no desire to be there. It causes some tension and he feels it’s unhealthy for me to stay in and cry my eyes out to “mommy-themed” movies all day. Is this something I should learn to deal with and get out of the house or is it okay to have a “cry day”? — Missing Mom

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Questions For Our Mothers: Kate’s Mom

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re interviewing our moms to find out how their lives changed when we were born and what they learned about love and life as a parent. Today, Kate’s mom.

My parents met the cutest way ever—waiting on line to see Shakespeare in the Park in New York City in June of 1967. They married a year and a half later, but their journey toward becoming parents was hardly a straight line between point A and point B. While I am the oldest of their two children (hey Lizz!), I was not their first baby. In 1978, they had a son named Matthew. At three months old, he died during a surgery to mend a heart defect. It was an incredibly sad period in my parents’ life, and one that I’ve never quite understood how they got through with such grace, poise, and hope. So I was very curious to ask my mom, Marianna DeMarco Torgovnick, what it was like becoming a mother again a few years later, when she had me. Keep reading »

10 Awesome Lessons I Learned From My Mom

My mom’s a middle school English teacher and over the past, oh, 25 years or so, she has taught thousands of kids. Her reputation precedes her too. She’s known for being tough and strict — maybe even a little demanding — but serious students know she’s the best teacher for the job. She loves what she does, she’s passionate about the subject, and she gets results. Sometimes, years after leaving her classroom, students will send my mom a “thank you” and tell her they were far more prepared for high school and college than their classmates who didn’t have my mom as a teacher. And I know what they mean. My mom didn’t just help prepare me for school; she prepared me for life — and in a big way. After the jump, the ten best things my mom, the teacher, taught me. Keep reading »

Questions For Our Mothers: Jessica’s Mom

In honor of Mother’s Day, we’re interviewing our moms to find out how their lives changed when we were born and what they learned about love and life as a parent. First up, Jessica’s mom.

In 2010, “blended families” — from death or divorce (or multiple divorces, as in Donald Trump’s household) — are extremely mainstream. Back in the ’70s and early ’80s, I’m not sure they were too common at all. Though it has not always been easy, that’s been the case for the Wakeman family: At just 28 years old, my father became a widower with three little girls. But lucky for me, a few years later my dad married my mom and she adopted his kids, my beloved older half-sisters, Catherine, Joanna and Allison. Then, together, Mom and Dad had my older brother, Christian, and me.

In our interview for this Mother’s Day series, Mom explained to me what it was like for her to become an “instant mother” and then have two more biological children of her own. She even shared the scandalous revelation that her pregnancy with me was “a surprise.”

I must say, Mom is so effusively proud of me that it makes me think she doesn’t actually read too much of my stuff on The Frisky. (What a relief …) Keep reading »

5 Empowering Things My Mother Has Taught Me

The other day, Amelia posted a list of her life experiences that were empowering and pretty epic. So epic that I began to get concerned that, maybe, I haven’t done enough with my life. I was able to leave my comfortable suburban Michigan existence surrounded by everyone I know, to go to college in New York where I knew no one. But outside of that, I couldn’t come up with the same confident list of experiences, and it kind of started to freak me out. I am also in the midst of finals and I think my emotional state is a little more fragile than usual, allowing me to panic over the topic for a while. Soon enough I came around and realized that I am only 21 and not even out of college yet [And not an old fart like me, huh? ;) -- Editor Amelia], I still have a whole lot of life to experience.

Somehow that is a thought that doesn’t scare me. I know that I am as ready and mentally prepared as I can be for whatever events I happen upon, or smack me in the face. This is a confidence I owe to my mother. Even though I haven’t gone through too much, I have been a constant audience to the ups and downs of my mom’s life. It may have been secondhand, but watching the way she has handled herself has given me an excellent course for the future. So when I get my chance to handle life’s experiences gracefully, I will have my mom to thank. These are the five things that my mother has taught, and in turn the ways my mom has empowered, me for the future. Keep reading »

Lessons From Mom: Get Your Geek On

Are you ready for Mother’s Day? No? Here are a few gift ideas if you need some last-minute help! Thank you for tweeting and emailing us the lessons your mother taught you — but don’t forget to tell her this Sunday! Keep reading »

Lessons From Mom: Mean It When You Scream It

Are you ready for Mother’s Day? No? Here are a few gift ideas if you need some last minute help! Thank you for tweeting and emailing us the lessons your mother taught you — but don’t forget to tell her this Sunday! Keep reading »

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