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Finally! Why Mosquitos Enjoy Me More Than Anything Else On Earth

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I’m a vegan, and basically follow a Jainist philosophy as much as possible — as in, do no harm to any living creature if at all possible. But there’s one glaring exception. And that, my friends, is the mosquito. Mosquitoes love the crap out of me and treat my body as if it were a delicious Sizzler buffet. On my recent Montana trip, I was told that there were no mosquitoes in the area I was in. Hahaha, WRONG. I emerged the first evening with a constellation of swollen bites on my shoulders. They feasted mightily that night.

Well, according to science (SCIENCE!) I’m one of the lucky 20 percent of people who are especially yummy treats. And my Most Popular Food Ever superlative with the mosquitoes is caused by a variety of factors.

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