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Celestial Moisturizer Will Put Your Skin On Cloud Nine

A New Skincare Routine
Make 2012 your most glowing year yet. Read More »
BTD: Dermalogica Skincare
Spendy? Yes. Worth it? Totally. Read More »

I am not what one would call a fickle person. For example, I’m loyal to the point of stupidity, and have been known to listen to the same song on repeat for months at a time without growing tired of it. My skin, on the other hand, could not be more capricious. One day I’m oily and prone to breakouts, and 24 hours later I’m red, irritated, and impossibly flaky. As it gets colder my skin becomes especially prone to such terrible sensitivity, and many moisturizers meant for dry, sensitive skin turn my face into — you guessed it — a pimply grease slick, which is exactly as gross (and potentially flammable) as it sounds. After several weeks of using LUSH Celestial Facial Moisturizer, I’ve nary a zit or dry spot in sight. Overzealous use of retinol acne treatments? Made out with someone with a particularly prickly beard? Rubbed faces with your cat too much? Celestial’s got you covered, and it’s even — gasp — light enough to use during the day. And the scent? It’s incredibly light and strangely delicious, thanks to a combination of vanilla water, almond milk, and orchid extract. Take it from me, a bonafide tried-it-all skincare junkie: Celestial is an absolute dream. [$24.95, LUSH]

Pretty Package, Super Delicious Smell

When it comes to beauty products, they can promise everything under the sun. But let’s get real: All that really matters is that the packaging looks enticing and the product smells pretty good. The Absolis line from French beauty company Patyka does just that. The bottle of the Absolis Neroli Brightening Body Milk is art deco and gorgeous, and the scents — everything from Neroli orange to white grape to mint — are practically edible.

[$49.00 Ecocentric]

How To Ward Off Dry Skin This Summer

If your hometown’s having the same nice, sunny weather we’ve been experiencing in New York City, you’re probably browning a bit and noticing a layer of dead skin dulling your complexion. Sadly, though the type of dryness changes, skin dehydration doesn’t disappear when humidity enters the picture. But because a lot of people don’t realize the extent to which you need to moisturize during the summer, particularly if you’re spending a great deal more time in the sun, summer dryness goes ignored. Keep reading to find out how to put a stop to this travesty. Keep reading »

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