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This Week On The Frisky: Bed Death, Prostitution, Tie-Dye, Christian The Lion, & Lots Of Self-Love

  • We discussed whether skid marks and king-size beds are signs of relationship doom.
  • Amelia debated the pros and cons of legalization and decriminalization of sex work and decided that, in the end, prostitutes are people too and deserve the same rights and access to safety as any other ho.
  • Elle wants to know whether couples should live together before marriage. Amelia says, “Yes, duh.” Our “Mind Of Man” columnist says, “No way.” Throw down in the forums.
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    Let’s Make A Muxtape, Shall We?

    This week, I decided to get a little CRAZY with our Muxtape and uploaded 12 songs that has S-E-X in the title. Scandalous, no? I cannot promise this will be a mixtape to accompany actual love-making, but I hope you enjoy it for the next five days, nonetheless. And please oh please, create your own! it’s so easy, a monkey can do it, and it’s fun to check out the music our Frisky readers are interested in. Post your Muxtape page link in the comments! [The Frisky Muxtape] Keep reading »

    Let’s Make A Muxtape, Shall We?

    Muxtape is this new social networking site where you create a profile and can upload 12 songs like a mixtape. You can then add people to your list of favorites and listen to their playlists and they can listen to yours. We started a Frisky Muxtape page and have uploaded 12 songs with “love” in the title. For the next seven days you can go listen to them at your leisure! But here’s a challenge for you and a way of making this whole thing WAY more fun. Why don’t you create a profile for yourself, pick a theme, and upload 12 songs or your choosing? Then share your Muxtape page address here in the comments so that Frisky readers can check out your picks. Every other week, we’ll pick a new theme and upload new songs to our page (on off week’s we’re going to add our “Get Your Rocks Off” picks to our page) and you can do the same, if ya feel like it. It’ll be like one, big mixtape sharing party. [The Frisky Muxtape] Keep reading »

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