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We’ve Still Got It All On Tape

Nothing says love like the hum of an analog mix tape crackling through the songs you like to make out to. Sigh. You know it’s hot and heavy when a dude takes the time to tape sounds to seduce you. Like the frail technology that can get easy chewed up by a player, most relationships circa the end of the 20th century didn’t make it past the year 2000. However, a few time capsule mix tape relics have survived and their owners are sharing the love and their stories on Cassettefrommyex.com. Contributors include Claudia Gonson from The Magnetic Fields and Jason Bitner, the co-founder of Found Magazine. You can stream their soundtracks straight from the site, boom box not necessary. [Gawker] Keep reading »

Get Your Rocks Off: The Frisky’s Breakup Mix

A few years back, I was stood up on Valentine’s Day. He was a flaky musician, I was a fool. As I sat all alone on my sofa, in my new red dress, I thought to myself, “Gee, Valentine’s Day sucks if you don’t have a way to celebrate it.” Luckily, that night, I had a full bottle of vodka in the freezer. After I mixed myself a few too many drinks — and told him where he could go via voice mail) — I decided that I would start a new ritual of mix making for Valentine’s Day. What began as a drunken search through my music collection for a song that would perfectly sum up how sad/pissed I was about getting ditched on V-day (after three months of dating no less), grew into a holiday tradition of telling my love life via pop songs. This particular mix, entitled “You Can’t Screw The Hole In My Heart Too” was inspired by a bad break-up in which I didn’t get to keep the dog, but I luckily got to keep my pride… whatever’s left of it. The mix charts the arc of a heartbreaking split, all the emotions: confusion, anger, denial, loneliness, jealousy, desperation, and then the eventual sigh of defeat. So, if you’re feeling it this Valentine’s Day, breakup with me. Misery loves company and a soundtrack. Keep reading »

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