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We’ve literally never heard of any of them. READ MORE »


After her total fail of a response at the Miss USA pageant when asked about the gender wage gap, Miss Utah Marissa Powell tried to redeem herself with a more streamlined answer on “The Today Show.” Check out her interview with Miss America Erin Brady and see what you think! … READ MORE »


It’s no big secret that the Miss USA Pageant isn’t exactly renowned for the intelligence of the contestants, but honestly there should be a level of acceptable coherence in the question and answer section. Miss Utah Marisa Powell provided the worst answer by far. When asked about the continuing disparity between the amount men and women… READ MORE »


Miss New Jersey, a competitor in Sunday night’s Miss USA pageant, is a beautiful woman, that’s pretty obvious. But even so, the one thing that’s most noticeable to us is her weird — whatdoyoucallit? — front butt. In this photo, and several others from the night, it appears that Miss NJ’s butt is in the… READ MORE »