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Blogger Declares Herself Miss Grand Central

A few months ago, I wrote about a woman named Sheryl who blogs at “Musings of an Irate Commuter.” That post was about her getting revenge on a man who did her wrong, a guy who saw her on her daily commute through Grand Central Terminal and posted a Missed Connections ad about her. They started dating and sleeping together, but then she discovered he had a girlfriend. Her revenge? Posting every detail of their relationship on her blog — including photos! — so his girlfriend would find out what a cheating scum bag he was. That story showed what chutzpah Sheryl has, and so does this one. Grand Central Terminal is a major landmark in Sheryl’s life. As I mentioned before, she commutes through Grand Central every day, and as a result she’s developed a real love for the beautiful building. Her love for it is so grand, she’s often joked that she should be “Miss Grand Central,” but unfortunately, the title does not exist — but why shouldn’t it? Sheryl writes on her blog, “What was to stop me from just saying I *am* Miss Grand Central?” Nothing, it turns out. Keep reading »

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