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Bo: The Men’s Vibrator He Can Carry In His Pocket

Is that a Bo in your pocket or are you just excited to see me? Both. Sort of. Meet Bo, a male vibrator made by Lelo, a company known for its sleek array of designer sex toys. (You might know one of their bestsellers, a USB rechargeable vibrator which looks like a tube of lipstick.) The male version is a discreet “gentleman’s ring” which delivers stimulation through an energetic and vigorous vibration. Bo can be used for joint pleasure during intercourse; however, it seems to be marketed more to solo time. That picture implies that the accessory should become an everyday object, one used so routinely that he could carry it in his pocket along with other necessities like a wallet, pen, and glasses. Ew!

Here’s the thing: If a girl carried around a sex toy in her purse to pleasure herself throughout the day, many guys would find this a turn-on. But a guy who carries a male vibrator in his pocket? Dealbreaker. Amiright? [Lelo] Keep reading »

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