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How To Buy Coats For Dudes

My friend here (left) is wearing a good-looking coat today. It’s simple with interesting seams and subtle hardware. I shouldn’t be so impressed, but I am, mostly because dudes are generally not known for their outerwear selection abilities. I’m not entirely sure why, but it’s always been my experience that most boys seem to consider coats an afterthought, caring not at all that they look like 5-year-olds in jackets they borrowed from daddy. Too-boxy shoulders, weird lengths and gross fabric pilling all qualify as grave offenses, and it is your duty to help the men in your life avoid them. We’ve got a few suggestions to make the task less terrifying. Keep reading »

Chest Hair Is Back With A Vengeance

They say everything old is new again and that’s not just for leg warmers and neon … male chest hair is back from the ’70s with a vengeance! (The cutesy term for chest hair is “heavage,” but that sounds like what happened after I drank four shots of vodka for the first time.) The popularity of deep V-necks and scoop-neck tops in men’s fashion is to blame, apparently, and the Wall Street Journal says these clothes plus tufts of man fur offer “blatantly sexual … studly swagger.” Keep reading »

Could Skirts For Guys Really Catch On This Time?

H&M appears to be dipping its toes into the cross-dressing (or Scottish? Marc Jacobs?) trend pool. The retailer’s Spring lookbook includes, yes, skirts for men. Sigh.

Well, looks like they’re going to have some competition, seeing as the kilt industry has really stepped up its game to include tuxedo, workman, and casual styles. H&M’s version falls a bit short, no? (And does nothing for your hips.) But seriously, people, is this for real or a publicity stunt? And if it’s sold at such a mass retailer, could we truly see a trickle-down effect of men in skirts? [The Thread] Keep reading »

Win This: Free Company 81 Clothes For Your Boo

Being girly girls and all, we don’t know much about Company 81, except that it reminds us a lot of Abercrombie and American Eagle, but seems to be of higher quality and yet way more affordable at the same time. While combing the shops for gifts for guys, we’ve turned up all kinds of fun items, but button-downs from $20-$42 and sweaters and other outerwear for under $100 are some of the best deals we’ve come across so far. And because these dudes are extra friendly, they’re giving away two shirts and a sweater to some lucky gal who can re-gift and doesn’t necessarily need to reveal how much she actually spent. Hey, it’s not like we’ll say anything.

We’re giving away one set of Company 81 menswear (including two button-downs and one sweater), but you have to work if you want your man in free duds. The best commenter for this coming week—from today, Tuesday, Nov. 24 through Tuesday, Dec. 2—will be awarded. So, be as clever, smart, and original as you can! Click HERE to read the official rules. Keep reading »

Like Your Guy In A Scarf?

In the past, there have been two types of men who wear scarves. Those who want to keep warm. And those who want to wear scarves because, um, you know, they’re extra fashionable. Now, however, with acceptance of gender-bending/andro/metrosexual fashion, things are changing, and the scarf has made its way into guys’ closets as a wardrobe staple. So much so that StyleFrizz declares that “the scarf is the new tie.” Keep reading »

Get Dressed In The Dark?

Easily accessible these pants are not. Croatian designer Damir Doma certainly thinks outside of the box though, we’ll give him that much. [superfuture] Keep reading »

Enough Already With The Totally Ridiculous Men’s Fashion!

Oak, a fashion-forward store in New York City, has been pulling out the ridiculous men’s fashions lately. First, we found this T-shirt thingy by Complex Geometries. And now, we’ve come across this $110-shredded shirt by CMRTYZ, which reminds me of the “True Blood” scenes where Maryann Forrester rips people’s backs apart. That being said, I can see a woman wearing this if the “tail” weren’t so long. [Oak] Keep reading »

Does He Have To Let It All Hang Out?

This Complex Geometries shirt (is it really a shirt though?) adds to the list of weird men’s fashions we’re just not that into. [OakNYC.com] Keep reading »

Brooks Brothers’ Limited Edition “Mad Men” Suit

What’s sexier—your guy dressing up as Don Draper for Halloween or him dressing like that regularly just because? We’d vote for both, but now male “Mad Men” fans have the option to be dapper Don every day thanks to Brooks Brothers’ limited-edition “Mad Men” suit. Created by Janie Bryant, the show’s costume designer, the ensemble is a pretty genius interpretation of ’60s menswear with its skinny lapels and angled kerchief pocket. And while the cut is a bit retro, something about it remains classic. (Break it in on Halloween, then wear to the office for years to come.) Keep reading »

Liam Gallagher Has New Clothing Line, Doesn’t Care If You Like It

Liam Gallagher must’ve observed Lindsay Lohan‘s design trials and tribulations, and decided, “Hey, if she can do it, I can too.” He has a new clothing line in the works called Pretty Green and even filmed this highly informative promotional video! It’s packed full of fantastically narcissistic insightful quotes and Zoolander-esque moments involving brooding and smoking cigarettes against a gray backdrop. My favorite highlights: “You get a bit more classier as you get older,” “I’ve got some time now, I’m changing gears, but I’m still speeding,” and the philosophical, “Wearing top clothes and singing f**king in tune is pretty important isn’t it? I think it’s pretty much the same thing isn’t it? I can do both.”

What a renaissance man indeed! I also appreciate that he expressly reiterates the fact that if no one likes the clothes, at least he’ll get a new wardrobe out of it. My friend who sent this to me wrote, “What a tosser!” I say he’s just being a totally honest bloke, and, clearly, he takes himself his fashion expedition very seriously. Tell it like it is, Liam! [arkitipintel] Keep reading »

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