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Q&A: Matthew Lillard On “Scream 4″ And Stealing George Clooney’s Wife

Matthew Lillard has one of those faces you don’t forget. Fourteen years after “Scream,” he still has the same hip guy-next-door charm and contagious energy. And he’s poised for a major resurgence. Last year, I had the pleasure of working with Matthew on “Spooner” (to be released soon), a romantic comedy about a guy who meets the girl of his dreams while being kicked out of his parents house at age 30. Matt starred in and produced the movie, while I wrote the screenplay. But that’s not all Matt’s got going on. He recently shot “The Descendants,” Alexander Payne’s new flick in which he plays a guy sleeping with George Clooney’s wife. He also has a new TV show in the works called “The Hard Life.” He recently helped a group of lady friends get their play off the ground and helmed the project as director. All while selling a house and making sure his three kids get to and from school on time.

I jumped at the chance to pick Matt’s brain for The Frisky and, earlier this week, joined him at his kitchen table as he finished a comedy podcast. Did I mention he’s also hysterically funny and performs improv around the country? After the jump, Matt talks about his Pinkberry obsession and how he feels about working with women. Keep reading »

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