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The Financial Acumen Of Trophy Wives

Trophy wives: there are few things to say about their morals, but their financial acumen is unimpeachable, says Daily Beast blogger (and former NY Daily News gossip columnist) Johanna Piazza.

Piazza figures that women like Katie Lee Joel, Anna Nicole Smith, Marla Maples and Heather Mills are only wives to men decades their senior for a few years. They’re stinkin’ rich divorceés, however, for the rest of their lives. A younger woman who shacks up with an old fart will suffer “bimbo” or “whore” name-calling left and right, but she’s actually quite savvy for parlaying a short-term investment as a Mrs. into long-term benefits as an Ex. (Courtesy of a generous pre-nup, that is.)

That’s quite a theory. But her point still doesn’t make me think Katie Lee and Billy are any less obnoxious. What do you guys think? [Daily Beast] Keep reading »

Today In Terribleness: Rape, Murder, And Death.

  • A nine-year old girl from Congo detailed being gang raped by Congolese soldiers on her way home from school during an interview with photographer and freelance journalist Sherrlyn Borkgren. She explained that “two soldiers nabbed her, put a bag over her head and pulled her into the bushes.” The young girl is just one of 200,000 girls who are estimated to have been raped in Congo over the last 12 years. [ target="new">CNN]
  • A mother, Alicia Sanchez, watched as her 11-year-old son died in Death Valley, five days after she and him became stranded in the desert. Sanchez works as a travel nurse, but she could do nothing about the dehydration she and her son suffered. A day later, Sanchez was rescued by a park ranger. [ target="new">KTNV]
  • A woman described as a “sex–obsessed slob” did nothing to stop her son from being tortured and murdered right in front of her. The mother, Tracy Connelly, her “sadistic neo-Nazi” lover, and his cocaine addict and convicted arsonist brother had abused her toddler, Peter, for months leading up to his murder. The boy was taught to give the Nazi salute every time Connelly’s lover walked into the room, and to refer to him as Hitler. After his death, Peter was discovered with a snapped spine and eight broken ribs. [ target="new">Daily Mail]
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    Quickies!: Dara Torres Makes A Splash At Fashion Week, Angelina Jolie Doll Goes For 2,000 Pounds

  • Olympic swimmer Dara Torres walked the catwalk during Charles Nolan’s fashion show on Sunday. [Asylum]
  • A doll in the likeness of Angelina Jolie sold for 2,000 pounds on eBay. [MarieClaire.co.uk]
  • “Just Stand Up,” the charity tune featuring 15 of the hottest singers out right now (Mariah, Rihanna, Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Leona Lewis, etc., etc., etc.), hit airwaves and iTunes on Sept. 2. [iTunes]
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    Tough Times For Gold-Diggers

    Gold-diggers don’t have it easy these days. Yvette Penichet, a 43-year-old divorcée, probably thought she was going to be rolling in cash after a few years of caring for Alfred Kreisler, a 93-year-old lawyer with $22-million in assets who Yvette married last October. But less than six months into their marriage, a judge deemed Alfred unable to manage his responsibilities as a husband after three mental health professionals confirmed that Alfred didn’t have the mental capacity to manage his own affairs or get married. At one point during their short marriage Yvette tried to withdraw $400,097.53 for a Rolls-Royce but the bank wouldn’t let her withdraw the money. It’s comforting to know that society is looking out for rich, old men. [AHN] Keep reading »

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