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Marc Jacobs Dangles Model From Window, But Why?

Marc Jacobs’ new ad campaign is a bit mystifying. Why, we’d like to know, is model Natasa Vojnovik hanging by her ankles from a window? We’re all for death-defying stunts, but this one doesn’t seem to have much of a purpose. You can’t see the clothes, you can’t see her face, and I’m not entirely sure that “clothing you’ll look good while being dangled from your Park Avenue window by mobsters” is much of a selling point. Click to see the full ad after the jump… Keep reading »

Crave: Marc By Marc Jacobs Swimwear

Marc by Marc Jacobs, or Little Marc, is usually a bit too hipster chic for us, but his new swimsuits are too smartly-retro and cute to resist. This sweet one-piece is our favorite, probably due to residual nun-ly tendencies from Catholic school. [$164, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Neiman Marcus] Keep reading »

Quick Pic: Has Marc Jacobs Found A New Muse?

[NYC, 5/12/09]
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Star Couplings: Michael Jackson Wants A Fourth Child

  • Michael Jackson wants to adopt a child while he’s in London. Sadly, he’ll probably get exactly want he wants. [Dlisted]
  • Marc Jacobs and his fiance Lorenzo Martone could be planning an adoption of their own while in Brazil. [Perez Hilton]
  • Madonna’s loose morals and questionable choice in lovers could prevent her from adopting a second Malawian child. But let’s face it, they’ll probably sell, er, I mean, provide another child for Madge. [NationalEnquirer.com]
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    Star Couplings: Marc Jacobs Is Engaged!

  • Marc Jacobs might be engaged to his boyfriend of more than a year, Brazilian ad executive Lorenzo Martone. Marc has reportedly already purchased $13 million love nest in the West Village. [WWD]
  • Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are moving to Santa Monica because she wants to act more and needs to be on the west coast to do that. Maybe they can make “Glitter 2″ together. [Perez Hilton]
  • After giving birth last September, Mark Wahlberg’s girlfriend Rhea Durham is pregnant again with their fourth child. My, they work fast. [Dlisted]
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    Madonna Rocks Out With Her Crotch Out, Gets Booed

    In an article entitled “Put It Away Madonna!” UK newspaper, The Daily Mail, boldly stated that they think Madge is too old to flash her vadge. Excuse me, the Material Girl damn near invented crotch shots! And the now 50-year-old looks super sexy in the new Louis Vuitton ads in which she’s sprawled out in a booth with a leg up and a come hither look. Honestly, I can’t get over the muscle training alone required to lift that piece of luggage above her head with a stiletto heel! I can barely grab my bag off the airport turnstile with both arms. Heck, even a homosexual like designer Marc Jacobs can’t resist her charms! It was his idea to make the Queen of Pop his cover girl. Why should motherhood stop the sex symbol from doing her thing? She’s a straight up MILF representin’! At the very least, over 15 years later, it’s nice to know people still uncontrollably pop a woody for her, even if it makes reporter/hater Chris Johnson uncomfortably critical. We’ve come up with five other things we think that the newly single M could do with her crotch to expand her business, besides sell luxury handbags…
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    Madonna To Be Face of Spring/Summer Louis Vuitton

    A 50-year-old Madonna will be the new face of luxury brand’s Louis Vuitton’s spring/summer 2009 collection. The idea to use Madonna came to Marc Jacobs, the label’s creative director, while watching her concert in Paris last year. “I just blurted out, ‘I think we should do Madonna,’” he said. “I was totally just blown away by it, and moved by her performance, by what she had to say, and her energy.” He sent her a text asking if she’d be interested, she replied, “I’d love to,” and she was quickly reunited with photographer Steven Meisel, who took the pictures for her infamous Sex book in 1992. Madonna resurrects the whole underwear-as-outerwear schtick in Meisel’s shots of her wearing fishnet tights and LV lingerie in a smoky French bistro setting. In another one of the six campaign images, Madonna actually dons a jacket.

    Antoine Arnault, Louis Vuitton’s communications director, explained their choice in the Queen of Pop: “Madonna is glamorous. She has a global image. She’s the ultimate performer and businesswoman, and not someone who is just a famous singer. She has travelled. She has tried to change things.”

    The more-than-famous singer was reportedly paid $10 million for her hard day’s work but Arnault has denied the figure, saying the real fee was “very far away from that.” Hopefully, she got to keep the panties. [Telegraph.co.uk]
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    12 Things We Can Thank Gay People For!

    Across the country today, a lot people called out of work, not because they’re sick, but because they’re queer. It’s A Day Without A Gay! This boycott hopes to show the gay community’s strength in the face of Prop 8 and other anti-gay marriage bills that passed back in November. It’s days like these that truly remind us how much we idolize our gay friends, relatives, and heroes. It got us thinking…what would happen if they called out of work every day? After the jump, 12 things we would have missed out on if gay men and women weren’t a part of our society.

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    The Daily Squeeze: Paris Hilton’s Still Running For President And Tyra’s Making Over Real People

  • Paris Hilton is getting advice from Martin Sheen about being president. [Funny or Die]
  • A virgin in London celebrated her 105th birthday this week. “People have asked me whether I am a homosexual and the answer is no,” said Clara Meadmore. “I have just never been interested in sex. [AFP]
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    Star Couplings: Ashton Kutcher Not As Brilliant As Previously Thought

  • Ashton Kutcher doesn’t know how to spell stepdaughter Tallulah’s name. What did we expect from the guy from “Dude, Where’s My Car?” [Perez Hilton]
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